Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New Glasses Time!

I've been bad again this week post wise! I went to get some new glasses today because my current ones (even though they are only about a year old) are looking a bit worse for wear. I seem to have got a bit 'stuck in a rut' glasses wise, but it's a good rut so I don't really mind. The past three pairs of glasses that I've had have been Chanel, and two of them have been nice black plastic ones. My mum gets so mad with them - she doesn't like me hiding behind them and would prefer me to wear ones with much lighter frames, which just aren't as fun. I feel very safe behind my chunky frames (I can almost get away with having bags under my eyes and smudged makeup), and I also have them to thank for my interest in fashion - when I got my first black pair, some confidence stirred inside me and allowed me to play around a bit more with my clothes. I used to live in t-shirts and jeans, feeling constantly awkward and unattractive... but now I feel that I know what works for me - what I like and what I don't, and I put this down to wearing something quite bold on my face every day.
This probably doesn't make a lot of sense because I can't really explain it properly, but basically in contact lenses, I feel vulnerable, in glasses... invincible!

Black Plastic Pair Number One:

Black Plastic Pair Number Two:

Black Plastic Pair Number Three:

I am really interested to know how other glasses wearers feel about their specs, so if you are visually challenged, let me know if you love them or loathe them!

Also, I went to see "The Boat that Rocked" tonight and absolutley loved it. I would like to encourage you to rush out to your local cinema and view it A.S.A.P.


  1. Sometimes I wish I wore glasses because they can be so cute!

  2. I have always loved the way a chic pair of eyeglasses can elevate a whole look. And now clearly, judging by the number of women walking the streets with nerd-style glasses, the fashion world is equally smitten with them! Unfortunately, I have been cursed with perfect vision, and for some reason always hated the idea of wearing them with clear glass lenses (seems so poser-y to me). But if you need them, you might as well rock them, and if you rock them, they might as well be Chanel!!

  3. I WEAR GLASSES! surprised?! lol! I have the WORST eyesight ever, im sooo shortsighted and can't read the bus numbers - several times gettin on the wrong bus taking me in a totally different direction. you will be surprised how similar 144 and 141 looks through my eyes!! I have a black and red pair at the moment Givenchy rectangle framed pair and is in need of an upgrade. IT HAS BEEN A GOOD 4 YEARS!!!i got them when i was still in secondary school and was told i was a clown...but they were Givenchy so i didnt care!!! iv been tryna get a chanel pair but my opticians dnt stock the :-( ! How uch were urs and where from??

  4. Oh my CHANEL glasses! That is a pretty good way to de-nerdify a pair of glasses. I do actually have a pair but I haven't worn them in about two years, I just live with struggling to read anything more than five metres away. This has probably taken its toll on my eyesight but oh well. You really suit glasses, I think you have what my friend calls a 'glasses face' which I most definitely do not have, hence why I never wear them.
    I've been looking forward to seeing that film for ages! Cannot waiit.

    Aww thank you for thinking of me! I know it's so so crazy, literally the day after I did the boater post I picked up a copy of Grazia and there was the Asos boater. I have to admit a tiny tiny part of me felt quite pleased at having anticipated something stylish, for once. Those people sound crazy... although they were drunk and I would probably do the same when pretty far gone. How shameful.

    Sorry for the crazy long comment!

  5. I gave you an award! Come check it out!

  6. I wear glasses too and have some red DKNY ones. I've always thought some of the Chanel frames were nice...! I'm not that keen on contacts either but have been meaning to book a consultation for them because they are definitely useful!

    Also the film was so much better than I thought it would be! I loved it!

  7. i think glasses can look so super cute too! i think if i had to wear them i wouldn't go for is like a whole other thing to add style i think :)

    xxx LM

  8. Number 3 are sooo gorgeous!! I am definitely a fan of nerdy plastic glasses, the bigger the better. I keep thinking that glasses are one of those accessories that no one gives thought to, despite the fact that they can change an entire outfit! I am hoping when my eyes actually settle, that I'll build my collection of frames :)

  9. I always wished I had glasses my whole life, this post doesn't help me stop wishing. I lovee the second and 3rd pairs! xx