Sunday, 12 April 2009

Croquet anyone?

For some reason, in the boot of my car I always have a miniature croquet set and a rounders bat and ball. I should take them out because my boot is only tiny but I know there would be times when I'd think "I'd love to play croquet now" and the equipment would stuck at home and I'd be very annoyed.

At my Nan's house yesterday afternoon was one of those times where we fancied a game so out it came! Afterwards we had a nice pot of tea in the garden.
The croquet game did get a bit agressive though, and we all fell out.

Leggings - Topshop, Dress - Urban Outfitters, Bag - "Guess"

I wore these rather colourful Topshop leggings which don't do an awful lot for my thighs, but we'll overlook that (they are also very Mr Motivator) . My nan bought me this bag from somewhere she stopped on a cruise a couple of months ago. It's rather garish and it's also a fake, and I do hate wearing fakes, so it was going to be abandoned at the back of the wardrobe but now that the sun has come out, I quite like it - it's a good size and nice and br
ight so it might be allowed out once in a while.

I was having a look through my mum's wardrobe last week and came across this little number - a blazerdress! Or so I thought.. it turns out that it's actually shorts underneath, but it is miles too small for me so I was thinking of turning the shorts into a skirt and letting it out s
ome how (depressing haha) because I love it. I just about squeezed into it for a pic.

Dress - "Vintage" Joseph Ribcoff, Watch - Cartier, Hair - Needs Brushing

I'm also desperate to try out the crop-top trend - even though I've got big child bearing hips and thunder thighs, my tummy is quite flat so I think something high waisted with a crop top would look just about acceptable. Perhaps it can be my challenge for the week! Also thanks for all the Happy Birthdays :)

Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I like your blog. It's very refreshing. You also made me laugh with the reference to Mr Motivator.

  2. I want printed leggings that are as cool as yours!

  3. wow cool leggings!

  4. When did you buy those leggings?! I don't think you need to do anything to the blazer dress - it fits well on that photo!
    Haha trust you to have a croquet set! My great uncle came to stay with us last week and he plays in croquet championships all over the world, you should have met him lol!

  5. lovely, sounds very nice.

    the crumpet girls

  6. I adoooore croquet (and your leggings!).


  7. oh croquet and tea?? sounds amazingly fun! i love love that game - although i like coffee more than tea these days! still a tea fan though for sure :)

    and YAY for crop top - give it a go i say! i am sure you will rock that look out.
    xxxx love bel

  8. Blazer...and a dress? Combined? Ahhh, how awesome! Don't let it out, it's perfect! Who cares if you cant breath because its tiny, you look AWESOME! Stay as is, I think...


  9. Those tights are so wild and nice!=D

  10. Those tights are amazing.

  11. agressive croquet is the best! ;-)
    i'm loving that little teacup.

    Happy Easter!

  12. I am so sorry for not responding to your very sweet comments earlier. I feel horribly bad about it! But the computer is finally fixed so I can comment again! yay!
    I think that blazer/dress fits you amazingly! Maybe it looks worse in person but from what I can tell it seems to fit perfectly!
    those leggings are so fun! they are very amusing. I've always wanted to DIY myself a pair of Rodarte ones from the spring collection, wouldn't that be cool!
    Croquet is so fun! We used to have a set but it got really old and beat up so we had to throw it away =(
    I work at an ice cream parlor called Leatherby's. Wierd name, I know, it's the last name of the family that started it. That's a really sad story about your friend from school, I was homeschooled so nobody really cared until I started working.
    Good luck with the camera! I hope it works well for you!
    Thank you tons for the award! That was very nice of you! I will try and post it soon.
    Ok, now I've been a massive geek and left you a huge comment too! lol

    ps- you would totally rock the cropped top look! I can't wait to see pictures

  13. Happy Easter! The croquet and tea look really nice. Good luck with the crop top trend. I just can't find any crop tops that work for me.

  14. love the tights! tea party and croquet is so very alice in wonderland! =)

  15. Oooh what an absolutely divine afternoon :) LOVE your leggings and that blazer dress looks fantastic. Hope you're having a wonderful Easter dear :)

  16. Aaaah Mr Motivator! He was great. Aha. Anyway keeping your croquet set/rounders stuff is such a good idea! I really love that blazer dress/shorts thing - it looks great on you already but I guess if it's uncomfy you should fix it. Still you have to go for it! And yes totally with you on the wanting to try the crop top thing.


  17. Ooh, that blazer dress/skort thing is rather fetching. It doesn't look too small on you at all!

    And I think you should try out drop crotch trousers. They're more flattering than you might think, and they do a lot to camouflage hips and thighs. Oh, and they're sort of fierce.

  18. I'm absolutely dying over the leggings!
    So Awesome!! xx

  19. ok that blazer dress is a hella cool!!! and i saw those leggings but i cant bear to part with almost 20 whole pounds for topshop leggings again (i wore my other like 2 times - my £5 ones see more time of day)

  20. oooh like the blazer looking thingie. Very nice.
    Great blog.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Thanks for the comment!
    I love the blazer dress. I also totally ADORE your blog's background image! Where did you find it?

  22. Those tights are so rad! And I don't normally use the word "rad", but it just seems to fit.
    That sounds like such a lovely afternoon - Croquet and tea, lol.
    I can't believe that dress is shorts! Wow, so cool. It looks like if fits you, but I suppose photography can be deceiving.

  23. This looks like a perfect day to me. Croquet, tea and fashion finds! That blazer is awesome and I was sooo soo close to buying those leggings from Topshop!

  24. Oh i think you don't need to do anything on that dress.That blazer looks good on you,and your leggings is so cool.Love it's color.

  25. I'm loving your tights..;D
    Hope to see more from you.;D

  26. Adorable blazer dress; it's too cute! (:
    You may be on to something there...

    Also, you have a very entertaining blog - I'm so glad I stumbled upon it! Keep writing.


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