Monday, 27 April 2009

Flower Power

These are a couple of pics from Friday evening when I went to a flat party to celebrate my friend's 21st birthday (she is the one in the gorgeous blue dress in the last pic - I forgot to get a proper picture of it). I bought this dress on the Friday from H&M and I love it. I don't usually like things with lace-up bits for fear of looking too tarty, but I think this works because of the girly floral print and longer length. I do look a bit like I'm going to an afternoon tea party rather than out on a Friday night, but I needed to wear this. I curled my hair too but it only stayed curly for around seven seconds, even after using a nearly a whole can of hair spray. Nice to have a slight change though! I think I'm in desperate need of some fake tan on my ghostly limbs.




Dress - H&M, Shoes - New Look, Bracelet - Small boutique in my home town, Bag - Vintage

I've got my first exam on Wednesday - Land Law - so I've just been knee deep in joint tenancies and tenancies in common, mortgages and easements for the past couple of weeks... Joy.

Does anyone else's hand go shiny when they write too much - Like the side of your little finger that touches the page? Or is it just me?

Friday, 24 April 2009

Special K

This week has consisted of revision, more revision, and also revision. I've got my first exam next Wednesday, then two the week after, then two the week after that and then I am FREE AS A BIRD. I actually can't wait. The most excitement I've had all week was driving my boyfriend around to take some pictures for his uni project yesterday afternoon. I wore this red dress which makes me feel like I've just stepped out of a Special K advert.

I need to train Adam be more patient with the camera because he takes one when I am mid sentence and then bursts out laughing and doesn't want to take any more after that. I also messed around with the exposure/colour on the shoes pic to try and disguise my chipped nail polish. Pretty boring outfit really but I haven't had anything to make an effort for really.



Dress - H&M, Belt and Cardigan - Topshop, Straw Basket - Peacocks, Shoes - Kurt Geiger

We encountered a bit of rough terrain on our travels so these shoes probably weren't the best idea. They are pretty though.

This little cutie was looking at me from behind a charity shop window so I had to have him. Hopefully it will encourage me to save my money instead of spend it on pointless objects... but it probably won't.


Monday, 20 April 2009


On Saturday my wonderful friend Nicolaaa and I had a wander round Liverpool town centre. As usual we had Wagamama's for lunch, bought things we do not need at all and had a lovely time. We also stopped briefly for a little cake and a bit of people watching!

I do enjoy our shopping trips because together we find a way to 'justify' our ridiculous purchases. I look like a giant on this picture.




Dress - French Connection, Belt and Necklace - Mother's, Straw bag - Peacocks, Wedges - New Look, Gold Flats - Asda, Sunglasses - Rayban

I was dressed in something far too summery. I wasn't actually cold at any point, but it is only April and this sort of thing isn't quite acceptable. There were lots of scene kids around wearing hotpants so I didn't look too out of place. My cake was the mad chick one. Most of my life seems to involve some sort of cake. I'm glad I took a change of shoes because the wedges aren't very comfortable.


This is Harry - my completely unnecessary purchase of the day. I knew I didn't need him, but I carried him around H&M for a bit, named him and then couldn't just leave him and so had to buy him. I'm glad I did now - I wore him today and it was lots of fun.


I hope we have days out like this when we are old and grey and own tartan sholleys so we can get in the way of all the young folk.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Revision or Gingerbread?

It's not a tough one is it? Gingerbread is always going to beat law revision.
It was fun making these - but I did have to go to Asda and then Tesco twice because I forgot a couple of ingredients.

This massive cardigan earned me a couple of funny looks from other shoppers.




I went and picked my new glasses up as well. I love them but I asked one of the members of staff at the opticians if she could make them a bit tighter and she seems to have just bent them out of shape a bit and not tightened them at all, so I’ll have to take them back at some point which is most annoying.


In other news I got some birthday pressies from Nikita – she got me some really cute floral hair bands that I can’t wait to wear with a sundress and this AMAZING glitter eye shadow palette. I want to put every shade on and dance the night away at Popworld.


Sunday, 12 April 2009

Croquet anyone?

For some reason, in the boot of my car I always have a miniature croquet set and a rounders bat and ball. I should take them out because my boot is only tiny but I know there would be times when I'd think "I'd love to play croquet now" and the equipment would stuck at home and I'd be very annoyed.

At my Nan's house yesterday afternoon was one of those times where we fancied a game so out it came! Afterwards we had a nice pot of tea in the garden.
The croquet game did get a bit agressive though, and we all fell out.

Leggings - Topshop, Dress - Urban Outfitters, Bag - "Guess"

I wore these rather colourful Topshop leggings which don't do an awful lot for my thighs, but we'll overlook that (they are also very Mr Motivator) . My nan bought me this bag from somewhere she stopped on a cruise a couple of months ago. It's rather garish and it's also a fake, and I do hate wearing fakes, so it was going to be abandoned at the back of the wardrobe but now that the sun has come out, I quite like it - it's a good size and nice and br
ight so it might be allowed out once in a while.

I was having a look through my mum's wardrobe last week and came across this little number - a blazerdress! Or so I thought.. it turns out that it's actually shorts underneath, but it is miles too small for me so I was thinking of turning the shorts into a skirt and letting it out s
ome how (depressing haha) because I love it. I just about squeezed into it for a pic.

Dress - "Vintage" Joseph Ribcoff, Watch - Cartier, Hair - Needs Brushing

I'm also desperate to try out the crop-top trend - even though I've got big child bearing hips and thunder thighs, my tummy is quite flat so I think something high waisted with a crop top would look just about acceptable. Perhaps it can be my challenge for the week! Also thanks for all the Happy Birthdays :)

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Lamb Chop

Today is my birthday and I'm definately still a teenager. Twenteen.
But because I'm still mumpy, any proper celebrations have been postponed. We used to have a friend called Alun who got mumps and then my friend and I used to refer to him as "Mumpy Alun" (got a nice ring to it don't you think?) forever more.. not to his face.. but it was in a cute sort of way. I now know that mumps are no where near cute.

Anyway for a bit of excitement, my mum and I put our country bumpkin type outfits on and went for a wander to see some St Bernards/all the lambs that live round the corner. They were SO cute and one of them sat by the wall so I could stroke it. I want one so much. The new part of the building behind them looked like it was a whole extension that had been put on just for the dogs!
My mum can't resist adding a bit of leopard print to any outfit - even when it's one for wandering through fields. No faces due to lack of makeup and puffiness.





Backpack - Urban Outfitters, Jumper - Charity Shop, Trousers - New Look

I'm actually wearing trousers! This never happens - I hate them, and they hate me. I actually left all of my clothes in uni and have just lived in pyjamas all week so my outfit choices are somewhat limited. The computer has taking a dislike to the picture of me too so it might appear too big, too small or all pixelated. I don't know why. Did anyone used to watch Lamb Chop? It was amazing.

Thank you for all of the get well soon messages on my last post! :)!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Mumpy mump mump.

I've got mumps. It's not fun. And it's my birthday on friday! Rubbish.

I've been trying to put my finger on what I look like - a hamster or gerbil? One of the mutants from The Hills have Eyes? I wasn't sure. Then I looked in the mirror this morning and it hit me: The receptionist from monsters inc.

That is actually what I look like... but only on one side which apparently means (lucky me) I can get it again on the other side in years to come.

My camera has run out of battery as well and I left the charger in uni, so no actual pictures. There are however two plus points to this illness (always look on the briiiight side of life.. di dum di dum di dum and all that jazz), firstly it has saved me money - I've been at home so haven't had to buy any food and I haven't been able to go to the shops and secondly it really hurts to eat so that extra half a stone I've been trying to shift is slipping away quite nicely (I know it will go back on really quickly but lets ignore that). I went to the doctors yesterday even though theres nothing they can do because I think you just have to notify them and I had to wait in the car rather than in reception so I didn't pass it on. Felt like a leper!

I was having a little look on and getting very jealous that everything is so much cheaper than the version and all the 'Apartment' stuff is so fun! Not fair.

Two things that would make my life complete are:

I love snails.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

One Tequila, Two Tequila...

Yesterday was my boyfriend's 21st birthday so we all went for a spot of lunch in the day time and then went out in the evening and danced our socks off. I bought him some snazzy new footwear, and of course made a cake.

It was the Grand National at Aintree Racecourse this weekend and yesterday was 'Ladies Day' so town was PACKED with very orange 'ladies' (one of them tried to attack one of my friends with her shoe) staggering around in mostly terrible dresses and hats.
My favourite pictures from the night where these pre and post tequila ones! Podium fun!

To escape the ladies day crowds, we headed to a big more 'alternative' if you like, club called the Krazyhouse (I think it's the type of place you should stop going after first year of uni but it's a good laugh anyway). They sell Sex on the Beach flavoured slush puppie type drinks which are AMAZING. The £3 blazer took another trip out because the Miss Selfridge dress I have on has no sleeves. You can't really see it from these pics but it has really cute ruffles down the front of it. I can't wait to get my new camera so you can actually see detail on photos. The shoes are a pair from Primark which are now completely ruined and the dotty hair bow is from a charity shop.

More exciting than all of this, I got my first award from the super stylish Style Porn which excited me so much so thank youuuu!! I shall do as I'm told and treasure it! :D

Some lovely blogs which take up a lot of my time and deserve this are She's Dressing up, Niviarsiaq, Leopard Print & Lace, and Stitched - thank you to them for providing me with something lovely to read!

I also had a little flutter on the Grand National today and won a tenner on 'Comply or Die' I also bet on 'Rambling Minster' who was one of the favourites but didn't do very well. The odds for the winner were 100-1 - imagine chancing a quid on it! One hundred pounds, thankyou very much! We went to the book makers with my nan - I pointed out that it was lovely of her to take her grand daughters for a day out gambling. And I've decided I'm actually quite good at picking horses.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends as much as I am!

P.S. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts on glasses! I did enjoy reading all of them! :)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New Glasses Time!

I've been bad again this week post wise! I went to get some new glasses today because my current ones (even though they are only about a year old) are looking a bit worse for wear. I seem to have got a bit 'stuck in a rut' glasses wise, but it's a good rut so I don't really mind. The past three pairs of glasses that I've had have been Chanel, and two of them have been nice black plastic ones. My mum gets so mad with them - she doesn't like me hiding behind them and would prefer me to wear ones with much lighter frames, which just aren't as fun. I feel very safe behind my chunky frames (I can almost get away with having bags under my eyes and smudged makeup), and I also have them to thank for my interest in fashion - when I got my first black pair, some confidence stirred inside me and allowed me to play around a bit more with my clothes. I used to live in t-shirts and jeans, feeling constantly awkward and unattractive... but now I feel that I know what works for me - what I like and what I don't, and I put this down to wearing something quite bold on my face every day.
This probably doesn't make a lot of sense because I can't really explain it properly, but basically in contact lenses, I feel vulnerable, in glasses... invincible!

Black Plastic Pair Number One:

Black Plastic Pair Number Two:

Black Plastic Pair Number Three:

I am really interested to know how other glasses wearers feel about their specs, so if you are visually challenged, let me know if you love them or loathe them!

Also, I went to see "The Boat that Rocked" tonight and absolutley loved it. I would like to encourage you to rush out to your local cinema and view it A.S.A.P.