Sunday, 5 April 2009

One Tequila, Two Tequila...

Yesterday was my boyfriend's 21st birthday so we all went for a spot of lunch in the day time and then went out in the evening and danced our socks off. I bought him some snazzy new footwear, and of course made a cake.

It was the Grand National at Aintree Racecourse this weekend and yesterday was 'Ladies Day' so town was PACKED with very orange 'ladies' (one of them tried to attack one of my friends with her shoe) staggering around in mostly terrible dresses and hats.
My favourite pictures from the night where these pre and post tequila ones! Podium fun!

To escape the ladies day crowds, we headed to a big more 'alternative' if you like, club called the Krazyhouse (I think it's the type of place you should stop going after first year of uni but it's a good laugh anyway). They sell Sex on the Beach flavoured slush puppie type drinks which are AMAZING. The £3 blazer took another trip out because the Miss Selfridge dress I have on has no sleeves. You can't really see it from these pics but it has really cute ruffles down the front of it. I can't wait to get my new camera so you can actually see detail on photos. The shoes are a pair from Primark which are now completely ruined and the dotty hair bow is from a charity shop.

More exciting than all of this, I got my first award from the super stylish Style Porn which excited me so much so thank youuuu!! I shall do as I'm told and treasure it! :D

Some lovely blogs which take up a lot of my time and deserve this are She's Dressing up, Niviarsiaq, Leopard Print & Lace, and Stitched - thank you to them for providing me with something lovely to read!

I also had a little flutter on the Grand National today and won a tenner on 'Comply or Die' I also bet on 'Rambling Minster' who was one of the favourites but didn't do very well. The odds for the winner were 100-1 - imagine chancing a quid on it! One hundred pounds, thankyou very much! We went to the book makers with my nan - I pointed out that it was lovely of her to take her grand daughters for a day out gambling. And I've decided I'm actually quite good at picking horses.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends as much as I am!

P.S. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts on glasses! I did enjoy reading all of them! :)


  1. The horses I bet on came 9th and 16th - booooo.
    Thanks for the award my dear!
    I am still battling though my dissertation, woe is me. =[ =[ =[
    That blazer is perfectooo!

  2. love the shoes, photos look like you had fun xxx

  3. Okay the only thing more fab than Sex on the Beach slushies is that pair of amazing sneaks - great gift! Looks like tons of fun, and of course you all look amazing!


  4. Fun photos! Very cool sneakers! To answer your question, Media Law is awesome! So far, I've learned about libel cases, privacy cases, and copyrights cases. There are so many interesting cases! I never get bored in the case even though there are like 110 people in my class. I sit up front so I get a great feel for the class.

  5. Shanzzy footwear. I love that.
    Coolio blog. Visit mine sometime

  6. Gorgeous photos. You and your friends look great. Love the bow in your hair :)

  7. love those shoes! looks like so much fun xx


    and you can totally use my word GOOBER - love it! haha

    thanks for your comments lovely one :)

    xxx LM

  9. Oh what a lovely gf you are, those kicks are awesome! Thanks for the contact lenses advice too!

  10. ahahahaha, I know what you're talking about. I saw the pics of the Aintree "ladies" on Daily Mail. Why are they all so orange??? They make L.A. girls look like Snow White. Love the kicks you got the boyf!

  11. Ahh, you're so welcome! You were one of the first bloggers I thought of when I received the award myself. And I'm so jealous you went to the races! I've ridden horses since I was 6 years old and I've still never been to a race! I figure horses + dressing up has got to equal a good time. What's not to like?

  12. Thanks for comment!=)
    Looks like a fun birthday!=D

  13. Nice to know there were some decent looking people at the races, some of the pictures I've seen in the papers were awful! Lol at the shoe attacking!

  14. Those trainers look so fab!! And I totally love your blue dress and the polka dot bow dear :) Oooh, and congratulations on the award!