Wednesday, 29 July 2009


My mum was having a bit of a clear out and this was one of the things I managed to save from the Charity Shop bag. If I hadn't stepped in it would have only been snapped up by someone from a vintage shop who would have stuck a massive price tag on it anyway. It also works really well with a skirt because the bottom sticks out like a peplum. I'm also completely in love with these AA tricot leggings at the moment. I hope the two-tone ones hit the Liverpool store soon.





I have been watching A LOT of absolutley fabulous this week. It's just brilliant. And only £5.49 with free delivery from HMV! It has made me do a lot of searching on ebay for my own little bit of Lacroix though. I'm seriously debating whether or not to buy a table and chair set that I love (Lacroix for La Redoute) but have no use/space for.


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Ten Things

I prepared for the cold weather we've been having recently today and it was actually really hot and sunny like July is supposed to be. I never get it right.

Nautical Cardigan - Charity Shop, Top - Gap, Jeans - Primark?, Shoes - Ran, Necklace - Gift

I was tagged by the wonderful Style Porn, who's blog I adore, to post ten facts about myself:

1. When I was a child, I used to have a bit of a phobia about second hand things. School fetes were a nightmare. I remember buying a book from a stall at one and then taking it back because I realised it was pre-owned. From then on I only bought things at fetes when there more than one of them so I knew they were new.

2. I've never dyed my hair because I'm too scared of wrecking it/doing something that won't suit me. In fact I've never even had a dramatic cut - it's pretty much been the same forever and is very straight and boring unless there's a bit of chlorine left in it like the picture above which gives it a bit of a wave.

3. In fact there are loads of things I've never done - I'm a bit of a nerd. I've never smoked, taken drugs, had a tattoo or even had my ears pierced. I'm not completely dull though - I promise!

4. I used to have a massive obsession with Good Charlotte when I was about 13.

5. I drive a blue VW Beetle Convertible called Francisco - it's quite a camp car, so I figured it needed a camp name. I make terrible mix cd's with awfully cheesey songs on them for car trips.

6. I am one of those people who is constantly trying to lose weight. I must have the worst metabolism ever - if I eat something, I can literally see where it has settled on my thighs.

7. I really really really want a horse - I used to go from when I was about four until I was fifteen and had to stop because of my GCSE's. I also really hate meeting people who have a horse and promise you can come and see it/ride it and then never actually invite you round. And if I can't have a horse, I want a pug called captain pugface.

8. This one is really strange - If I see someone using some sort of stationary, like a library book being stamped or something on a receipt being circled in biro, it has this really calming effect on me. I feel really lethargic for about thirty seconds afterwards.

9. I love having big feet - you get all the good sale shoes.

10. I really hate wearing jeans. I know I'm wearing them in the picture above but I was getting sick of having cold, wet legs so I dug a pair out from the depths of my wardrobe. I think they are so uncomfortable and I can never find a pair that fit right due to my chunky thighs.

Thats about it really! I'm not the most interesting of people.

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Monday, 13 July 2009

Back in the Day

It was my sister's 18th this weekend, which meant lots of looking through photo albums trying to find embarrassing pictures. I picked out a couple I loved to stick on here.
This was on holiday in Portugal I think. I loved being a tiger and this was my favourite dress as a child. We had two ducklings at one point though and I remember one of them pooed on it.
The good old Barbie jeep - this made loads of noise when it was being driven around, much to the delight of the neighbours. When we got to heavy for it, my dad put a HUGE battery in it to make it go faster and my sister and I used to sit with our legs over the bonnet, one hand steering and the other pressing the accelerator because our legs would no longer fit into it.
My nan has got a pool and all of the kids from next door used to come round to play every weekend. I'm second from the right and my sister is second from the left. In between swimming, we used to raid my nan's makeup drawer and do "egyptian style" makeup. I wish there was a picture of that.
A pretty funky party dress. This is me and my sister as a chunky baby.
My mum and dad back in the day - check out her jumper - so eighties. I wish she still had it.
And finally my dad in what I think are Ray Ban Clubmasters first time round. I wish he'd kept all of his sunglasses - he would have had a massive collection of Ray Bans by now!
I think summer time in the UK is officially over because it just has not stopped raining. Hope everyone else is experiencing better weather!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Spider Attack

This weekend has been pretty good! I caught up with a couple of people I haven't seen in far too long, which was lovely. On Saturday night I went out with some friends and wore this dress I picked up in TK Maxx on Thursday. I think the print has sort of a hippyish vibe and I haven't worn lilac since I was about ten so it was fun to wear. I was designated driver (this always happens because basically I'm the only one who can actually drive), yet still managed to get up and dance on a table with everyone else - how embarrassing.

On the way home, something terrible happened. I was driving along at about 3am when I saw something move on the dash board - it was a spider roughly the size of a small dog (Exaggerate? Moi?). I pulled over before I started properly freaking out and was stood at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with all the doors open begging the spider to leave. Someone even stopped to see what the problem was - I felt pretty stupid telling him it was just a spider that was stopping me from driving. Anyway, I couldn't find it so I just had to get back in and speed the rest of the way home. Since then I've been driving with the windows open or the roof down hoping that it will blow out. *Shudders*.




I also saw Miss Lauren McBride the other day in Liverpool and we stopped for a quick chat. She has the cutest bike ever and is very smiley! Why is it though that you always bump into people when you look a state? I was melting in the heat which is never a good look. Over here warnings have been issued about the 'heat' with one woman saying we should help people who are slower than us to get into the shade. My mum and I cracked up laughing at her. Other countries can cope with extreme weather, but here in the UK, a snowflake, a few too many raindrops or rays of sun cause absolute chaos. It's ridiculous.

I am just rambling on now because I am seriously tired so I should just quit whilst I'm ahead and go to sleep. Good night!