Saturday, 21 February 2009

So long, farewell!


SO EXCITED! It is my favourite week of the year.. nothing tops it at all. I am wondering how long I'm going to be able to get away having it paid for by my lovely daddy though...Perhaps this is the last year! Maybe I'll just keep quiet.
Today has been unbelievably hectic - because of working I've basically had no time to pack and I left loads of stuff I needed at uni so I had to have a mad dash there after work today still in my uniform and pick some stuff up, hurry back and then quick change and off to a fancy dress party for a brief visit and then went and picked my tipsy father up who was out with his friends.
I decided very last minute to go as Cruella d'Evil for some reason (probably because I've been wearing fur all week) and scarily enough managed to make the costume out of stuff I had in my wardrobe. I borrowed a long black coat from my mum too but there aren't any pics of that because I was too hot. The guy whos birthday it was manages a pub with a kids play area in it - the Wacky Warehouse(!) - and that was closed off for us tonight which was fun fun fun!

Handily two girls came as Dalmations which wasn't planned! Obviously they were skinned and turned into a hat and scarf.

Then when I went to pick my dad up he'd been trying to get hold of me to tell me to come an hour later but I didn't get his calls so he made me come into the bar and sit with his friends wearing my costume. I couldn't take the wig off because I had really bad wig hair and my makeup was really OTT so without the wig, I would have looked like a hooker who'd been dragged through a hedge backwards or something. Needless to say I got a lot of funny looks!

Anyway, my room is a tip, it's late and I still have loads of packing to do so...


Have a good week everyone!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Jungle Boogie

I have been so busy this week... I've been in work every day except Tuesday, and on that day I was supposed to get a couple of bits and bobs for my holiday (on Saturday!!!) and didn't really manage that because me and my flatmate (I lived with her last year but in my head we are still actual flatmates) had sort of an old peoples day out - lunch in a department store, quick look in the shops and then coffee and cake after that. I found an AMAZING glittery eyeliner (I already have one that I don't wear but could probably do with another one), but decided to get it on the way home. The shop was shut when we returned which was rather annoying so I'll have to go back another day!
I threw on a very plain outfit which was completely black except for the silver studs on my belt and so it was necessary to throw on this multicoloured leopard print scarf, which I love. It brightens up any outfit! Primark have done a version of it which is annoying but this one is definately a lot better because the colours are far more lovely.

Dress - Urban Outfitters, Cardigan - Topshop, Belt - mentioned in an earlier post and from a tiny independent store in Formby village, Scarf - Upper 5th at Topshop
I bought a scarf to take skiing which is cream with pom-poms at the end - its kind of boring but at least it matches my ski suit - and this snake print skirt which looks good with black tights but I am so excited for spring I thought I'd bare leg it to see how it looked. I'm not usually a fan of snakeskin being printed onto material but this skirt works.

Skirt - H&M, Tank Top & Wedges - New Look, Necklace - Topshop(Vday pressie)

Here's the print a little closer. I've been trying to brush up my piano-ing because I'm a bit rusty and there's a bar in Switzerland with an upright in it. Last year tickling the ivories and earned me a couple of free drinks... which was delightful!

I'd also like to mention a couple of things that have amused me this week:

1. Still on the snakey theme, it was on the news this morning that two boys in New York were sat on the sofa when they felt something move in the cushions. It turned out to be a four and a half foot Boa Constrictor! Madness... Have a look!

2. I had to go to see my Dad in work and on the way spotted this sign on a random pub on a residential street miles away from anywhere. It amused me greatly, but didn't want to make me go in and sample their ales. It's not the best picture because I was driving but you get the idea. Liverpool is brilliant.3. The last thing is really silly but made me chuckle - it's some super glue stuck to the road. I am interested to know how long it will stay there. How super is the glue?! I told you it was silly.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

These boots were made for walking...

My V-day outfit was pretty amazing - Black shirt, Black pants, Black pinny, Silver Tie and Name badge. I was in work (I'm a waitress at the weekends)- Joy. It was mega busy and I home just before two! I was back there all day today as well... Rubbish.

My valentines gifts were a chunky gold necklace from Topshop and a Cath Kidston mug that I have wanted for aaaaaaaages - both are lovely!

I just wanted to stick a couple of pictures up from the other day when I wore this vintage fur coat - It actually belonged to my Great-Grandma and I don't know much about its history but it was probably from the 1950s or early 1960s. All I know is that it's mink, in absolutley perfect condition, and its been sat in my Auntie's wardrobe for ages and it seemed a shame that such a fabulous garment was not being worn at all so I stole it. Plus it's really warm and cosy! The pics on the stairs are at my boyfriend's house and the lighting is not that good. Plus they are the world's dustiest stairs. I hoovered them once and when I moved the hoover, it had been untouched for so long a moth flew out from behind it. Honestly. How clich├ęd.

Top - Gap, Mega creased linen skirt - MangoWhat I thought was strange was that the lining of the coat was sewn beautifully and then they just whacked the label on with a bit of messy cross stitching at the end!

I also wore these Topshop ankle boots. I got them for Christmas
and each time I wear them I like them more because I wasn't that convinced the first couple of times. I don't really have the legs for them but I'll pretend I do anyway.I also went out on friday night and my friend Caitlin's hair was amazing - really cute. I was excited to learn that she used one of the hair tutorials from youtube to learn how to do it! I'm not sure which one she used but if I find out I'll post the link. If you haven't had a look already then go and have a browse! If I can find enough hair pins I think I'll have a go later on. This is her version:
It suited the tea dress and ankle sock combo... but it was a shame a drink got spilt on her dress!

I think Without a Paddle is on in a bit so I might go and sit around and watch that. Hope everyone had a nice Valentines weekend!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

With love from me to you!

Yesterday the weather here was beautiful - one of those lovely crisp sunny winter days so the boyfriend came up with the idea of wandering down to the Albert Docks for a coffee. We sat outside to have it which was nice, whilst the Beatles museum blared out music next door. I think theres apartments above the museum, which would drive you a bit mad because if you wanted your windows open, then you'd just be able to hear the Beatles all day every day.
At Costa, the chocolate powder on the top of Adam's cappuccino was in the shape of two hearts ready for V-day which I thought was delightful!
I had a massive hat on, and at one point Adam thought my hair had gone completely crazy but then realised it was just the ridiculous head gear.
Hat - Resurrection, Coat - UO, Mittens - Vero Moda, Skirt - American Apparel, Bag - French Connection, Shoes - Chanel.

When we went back into town he got me this lovely little cake which pretty much made my day - particularly because the heart on top is actually a ring! Although it is tiny and only just fits on my little finger... and cuts off my circulation. But I'll wear it anyway.

Nail varnish - Barry M

Whilst in town I bought a Bum Bag(!) to take skiing with me because I usually carry a backpack but I can't really be bothered this year so I just thought I'd buy this to shove my phone, camera and money in - my ski suit has hardly any pockets. It's incredibly 90's. Adam said if I wore it at any other time than skiing he would disown me. But I might sneak it out and put it on when he's not looking anyway. It was only £2.60 which I think is very reasonable indeed.I'm off to have a pot of tea and then drag myself (kicking and screaming) to the gym.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Today's Wishlist...

Just a couple of things that I would like at the moment but can't have because I have to spend my money on boring items like ski goggles and food. Hopefully they will still be around when I get back from my holiday when I will actually have money.

1. See by Chloe shoulder bag - in my opinion this is the perfect summer bag. I need a change from a straw bag for summer because I bash them around loads so they end up all broken and my car looks like the inside of a tractor - straw everywhere! So basically I need this:

2. Heart dress - Reko at Topshop - I can never resist a cute dress and this is certainly one of them! I saw this when I was shopping the other day but didn't have time to try it on:

3. Just Cavalli necklace - I've been looking for a gold necklace for ages and I like how big and delightfully tacky (in a good way obviously) this one is:

Its always the way - when you are trying to save money there is SO much good stuff around, when you have plenty there is nothing to buy!

Also, those gold Marc by Marc Jacobs boots I mentioned in an earlier post have become available on the UK net-a-porter (still not in my size) but also they are £328 when they were about $328 on the US site which isn't very fair at all - about twice the price or there abouts? Very annoying.

I stole two jackets from my Mum's wardrobe today as well - both from yesteryear. I'll try and take some pics of them tomorrow.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Here we come the sprightly sprites...

Brave and helpful like the Knights!
Ah the good old days when I was in the brownies. I was a sprite... hence the rhyme.
Actually I used to hate it... But I'm glad I went because I still have the little clover badge that I like to wear on my pinafore dress. Some days I end up dressing a little bit like a child. Today is one of those days.
These pictures were taken in my boyfriend's not so picturesque garden. I hope the gardener they used to have comes back in the summer otherwise we'll get lost in the weeds when its BBQ time.

Coat - Lux at Urban Outfitters, Scarf - Burberry, Glasses - Chanel, Pinafore dress - Zara, Shoes - Office, Shirt and tights - Primark, Brownie badge - Brown Owl at Brownies.

I went out for my friends birthday last night - the cake seemed to go down well! One of the staff at the restaurant even asked me if I wanted to start making my cakes for his cafe which was rather odd. I can imagine myself doing that and failing my degree because I am permanently baking! "Aunt Charlotte's Cakes" he wanted to call them.. how original.. plus I think I'm a bit to young to be an Aunt. We went to a really nice Indian place which had big chandeliers and green salt and pepper shakers, which I liked a lot, and then to a bar called Alma de Cuba for cocktails afterwards. It's really beautiful inside - I think it used to be a Turkish church or something - if you are in Liverpool its worth going to see.

I wore a tea dress sort of thing which got quite a few compliments, (my boyfriend said I looked like a sunflower which is apparently a good thing) but my hair got rained on and went really flat which was annoying.

Dress - Armarni Exchange, Leggings - American Apparel, Belt - Topshop, Cocktail - French Martini!

Alma de Cuba

Today I just went to the gym and nipped into town. I bought a hat and these pumps because they are very comfy and nice and bright!

Pumps - Primark, Leggings - American Apparel, Random wire - stray phone charger.

I also just made my little header thing by throwing some of my dresses all over my bed. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now I want to go to sleep so I have to put them all away which is a pain.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Today I got one of my coursework assignments back and I got a first in it! Hurrah!
So tonight I wanted to celebrate a bit, go out and dance or even just pop down to the shops and buy my self a nice present for doing so well. No such luck - I have another coursework due in tomorrow and can hardly find anything relevant to it in my expensive textbook (£30.99 in the end and because I've now spent £100 at the bookstore I now get £5 off my next purchase. Whoopee-do. I've only had the loyalty card for a couple of months as well... I still need to take the wellies back).

I decided that the best thing to do was to half take it easy this evening and so I have combined my work with some more relaxing activities - baking the second cake (which was a much better colour because I used red food colouring instead of pink which made it stronger) and also doing a face pack - Lush's 'Mask of Magnaminty'. When I first bought it one of my friends looked at it and said "Wow it looks like goose poo!" then he smelt it... "It smells like fresh chewing gum! Wicked!" The goose poo-chewing gum combination put me off a bit, but once you get over that its lovely! Minty and fresh!

Pjs from La Senza..
New Herbal Essences on my hair - It doesn't smell as strong!

My icing writing was a bit dodgy this time because of the hundreds and thousands on the top but its just about readable.

Also, just so you know, my method of tricking myself into working by doing fun things alongside it doesn't actually work because I haven't done an awful lot. It's going to be a late one tonight!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Let it snow!

Today was great. I love snow.

When I woke up this morning there was a smattering of snow on the grass outside my window which made me happy enough, but then it started falling rather heavily and now there is a thick blanket covering my street and the surrounding area.

It was also nice to see everyone wrapped up in hats, gloves and boots - I wish the weather had been like this over Christmas as it would have been much more festive than the rain we had.

My favourite pair of boots that I saw today were my friend Francia's - I spotted them as soon as she came into the lecture theatre - I love the furry pom poms on them!

I opted for my fur Russian style hat, a Zara coat, Topshop dress and Leggings, Vero Moda mittens, Burberry scarf, Second hand boots and French Connection Bag. Plenty of items to keep me warm!

This morning...

This evening!

Just after this last picture was taken, two guys rolled the body of a snowman past and it was massive... they'd been rolling it around for ages because I saw them when I got home, but it got too big and fell apart. They seemed rather annoyed and kicked it which amused me whilst I ate my pea and ham soup which warmed me up nicely!
Hopefully it'll snow again tomorrow and I'll be able to get home to collect my moon boots so I can have a snowball fight. I wish I could bring my skis back as well - that would be fun. Ski to lectures! My boyfriends lectures were cancelled today so he had a fried breakfast and a snowball fight with his housemates and the kids in his street. Alright for some!

All this snow makes me even more excited for my skiing trip on the 22nd of this month! I can't wait to go back to what I consider the most beautiful place in the world - Wengen in Switzerland.
This is the spectacular view from our hotel balcony.

Eighteen Days to go! :D

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Decisions, Decisions.

For some reason, Wellingtons bring me great joy, however I have a couple of pairs already and although they make me very happy, I don't wear them all that much.
So why did I buy another pair?!
I need to decide whether to take them back or not so I can spend the money on more useful things. I have to buy a textbook this week as well so I feel that if I take these back, it will make handing over another hard earned £30 for 600 pages of wonderfully exciting law a little easier.
But what if there's a rainy summers day (which there is bound to be in this part of the world) when I think "I wish I'd kept those wellies!"?
That would be annoying.

So, reasons for keeping them:

  1. I love the colour and pattern
  2. The little lace up bit at the front is cute
  3. I can picture myself having loads of fun splashing around in puddles
  4. All my other wellies are knee high whereas these are sort of mid-calf
  5. The shop is MILES away (slight exaggeration) so it would be a hassle walking all the way back

And for taking them back:

  1. They make my feet look huge (which to be fair... they are)
  2. If I leave them out in my room instead of in a cupboard they make the room smell rubbery
  3. I could use the money to buy a textbook and feel good that I have bought something useful for once
  4. I don't actually need them at all
  5. They are Alan Titchmarsh wellies!!
Will I be able to sleep peacefully at night ever again knowing that I've given money to this infuriating man?! He didn't have to plaster his name on them for all to see. Sorry Alan but you make me cringe. Loads. They've got to go.

This weekend I also bought this belt from a tiny clothes shop in my Nan's village. Its very chunky indeed and reminds me of the rhino prison guards in Kung Fu Panda.

In other news, its a good job I ended up eating the cake that I made because the birthday outing has been postponed until Thursday and it would have been stale by then which means I basically had to eat it. And if you have to eat something theres no calories. Thats the rules!