Sunday, 1 February 2009

Decisions, Decisions.

For some reason, Wellingtons bring me great joy, however I have a couple of pairs already and although they make me very happy, I don't wear them all that much.
So why did I buy another pair?!
I need to decide whether to take them back or not so I can spend the money on more useful things. I have to buy a textbook this week as well so I feel that if I take these back, it will make handing over another hard earned £30 for 600 pages of wonderfully exciting law a little easier.
But what if there's a rainy summers day (which there is bound to be in this part of the world) when I think "I wish I'd kept those wellies!"?
That would be annoying.

So, reasons for keeping them:

  1. I love the colour and pattern
  2. The little lace up bit at the front is cute
  3. I can picture myself having loads of fun splashing around in puddles
  4. All my other wellies are knee high whereas these are sort of mid-calf
  5. The shop is MILES away (slight exaggeration) so it would be a hassle walking all the way back

And for taking them back:

  1. They make my feet look huge (which to be fair... they are)
  2. If I leave them out in my room instead of in a cupboard they make the room smell rubbery
  3. I could use the money to buy a textbook and feel good that I have bought something useful for once
  4. I don't actually need them at all
  5. They are Alan Titchmarsh wellies!!
Will I be able to sleep peacefully at night ever again knowing that I've given money to this infuriating man?! He didn't have to plaster his name on them for all to see. Sorry Alan but you make me cringe. Loads. They've got to go.

This weekend I also bought this belt from a tiny clothes shop in my Nan's village. Its very chunky indeed and reminds me of the rhino prison guards in Kung Fu Panda.

In other news, its a good job I ended up eating the cake that I made because the birthday outing has been postponed until Thursday and it would have been stale by then which means I basically had to eat it. And if you have to eat something theres no calories. Thats the rules!

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  1. Hellooooo. Had lots of fun reading your posts so far! What did you do with the wellies in the end? And that belt is so gooood, how much was it?
    I want one of your coloured cakes nowww, the one on your birthday last year was delicious!