Monday, 9 February 2009

Today's Wishlist...

Just a couple of things that I would like at the moment but can't have because I have to spend my money on boring items like ski goggles and food. Hopefully they will still be around when I get back from my holiday when I will actually have money.

1. See by Chloe shoulder bag - in my opinion this is the perfect summer bag. I need a change from a straw bag for summer because I bash them around loads so they end up all broken and my car looks like the inside of a tractor - straw everywhere! So basically I need this:

2. Heart dress - Reko at Topshop - I can never resist a cute dress and this is certainly one of them! I saw this when I was shopping the other day but didn't have time to try it on:

3. Just Cavalli necklace - I've been looking for a gold necklace for ages and I like how big and delightfully tacky (in a good way obviously) this one is:

Its always the way - when you are trying to save money there is SO much good stuff around, when you have plenty there is nothing to buy!

Also, those gold Marc by Marc Jacobs boots I mentioned in an earlier post have become available on the UK net-a-porter (still not in my size) but also they are £328 when they were about $328 on the US site which isn't very fair at all - about twice the price or there abouts? Very annoying.

I stole two jackets from my Mum's wardrobe today as well - both from yesteryear. I'll try and take some pics of them tomorrow.


  1. Love the Chloe bag!
    Whens your holiday?

  2. yeah love the bag! nice color.

  3. That bag is fantastically cute! I absolutly love it!

  4. Oh, I absolutely & positively adore your blog, your writing makes me smile so thank you, because I always like a nice read with my afternoon tea before the drive home from work. Lovely work here! Am adding you to my favorites. Be well!