Monday, 2 February 2009

Let it snow!

Today was great. I love snow.

When I woke up this morning there was a smattering of snow on the grass outside my window which made me happy enough, but then it started falling rather heavily and now there is a thick blanket covering my street and the surrounding area.

It was also nice to see everyone wrapped up in hats, gloves and boots - I wish the weather had been like this over Christmas as it would have been much more festive than the rain we had.

My favourite pair of boots that I saw today were my friend Francia's - I spotted them as soon as she came into the lecture theatre - I love the furry pom poms on them!

I opted for my fur Russian style hat, a Zara coat, Topshop dress and Leggings, Vero Moda mittens, Burberry scarf, Second hand boots and French Connection Bag. Plenty of items to keep me warm!

This morning...

This evening!

Just after this last picture was taken, two guys rolled the body of a snowman past and it was massive... they'd been rolling it around for ages because I saw them when I got home, but it got too big and fell apart. They seemed rather annoyed and kicked it which amused me whilst I ate my pea and ham soup which warmed me up nicely!
Hopefully it'll snow again tomorrow and I'll be able to get home to collect my moon boots so I can have a snowball fight. I wish I could bring my skis back as well - that would be fun. Ski to lectures! My boyfriends lectures were cancelled today so he had a fried breakfast and a snowball fight with his housemates and the kids in his street. Alright for some!

All this snow makes me even more excited for my skiing trip on the 22nd of this month! I can't wait to go back to what I consider the most beautiful place in the world - Wengen in Switzerland.
This is the spectacular view from our hotel balcony.

Eighteen Days to go! :D


  1. Oh I wish it snowed here! Most winter days I can wear almost the same thing I wear during the summer! I love to ski. I don't very often but it's a lot of fun.
    My grandmother stopped wearing most of her nice clothes later in life so they just sat un-loved in her closet. I think after she died my dad gave them to them to charity so there's no getting them back now. So sad!

  2. Please ski to lectures, you know you want to!