Thursday, 19 February 2009

Jungle Boogie

I have been so busy this week... I've been in work every day except Tuesday, and on that day I was supposed to get a couple of bits and bobs for my holiday (on Saturday!!!) and didn't really manage that because me and my flatmate (I lived with her last year but in my head we are still actual flatmates) had sort of an old peoples day out - lunch in a department store, quick look in the shops and then coffee and cake after that. I found an AMAZING glittery eyeliner (I already have one that I don't wear but could probably do with another one), but decided to get it on the way home. The shop was shut when we returned which was rather annoying so I'll have to go back another day!
I threw on a very plain outfit which was completely black except for the silver studs on my belt and so it was necessary to throw on this multicoloured leopard print scarf, which I love. It brightens up any outfit! Primark have done a version of it which is annoying but this one is definately a lot better because the colours are far more lovely.

Dress - Urban Outfitters, Cardigan - Topshop, Belt - mentioned in an earlier post and from a tiny independent store in Formby village, Scarf - Upper 5th at Topshop
I bought a scarf to take skiing which is cream with pom-poms at the end - its kind of boring but at least it matches my ski suit - and this snake print skirt which looks good with black tights but I am so excited for spring I thought I'd bare leg it to see how it looked. I'm not usually a fan of snakeskin being printed onto material but this skirt works.

Skirt - H&M, Tank Top & Wedges - New Look, Necklace - Topshop(Vday pressie)

Here's the print a little closer. I've been trying to brush up my piano-ing because I'm a bit rusty and there's a bar in Switzerland with an upright in it. Last year tickling the ivories and earned me a couple of free drinks... which was delightful!

I'd also like to mention a couple of things that have amused me this week:

1. Still on the snakey theme, it was on the news this morning that two boys in New York were sat on the sofa when they felt something move in the cushions. It turned out to be a four and a half foot Boa Constrictor! Madness... Have a look!

2. I had to go to see my Dad in work and on the way spotted this sign on a random pub on a residential street miles away from anywhere. It amused me greatly, but didn't want to make me go in and sample their ales. It's not the best picture because I was driving but you get the idea. Liverpool is brilliant.3. The last thing is really silly but made me chuckle - it's some super glue stuck to the road. I am interested to know how long it will stay there. How super is the glue?! I told you it was silly.


  1. Great post! I love that colorful scarf and amazing skirt!
    The snake story is really bizzare!

    I do sometimes wonder if expensive items are actually worth buying. Because it seems like on a general basis they don't last as long. I will have to do some research!

  2. I never thought I'd say these words, but I love your multicolor animal-print scarf!

  3. the scarf is really cute... and so is that sign. haha.

  4. Thank you (: That's a really nice description!
    The scarf is amaazing, I hate the way Primark always rip everything off.
    That pub sign as well...peculiar is the only word I can think off

  5. Thank you for your comment, dear!
    Your blog is so lovely, and I added you on FM Red Carpet, welcome.
    And yes, that sofa is gorgeous!


  6. love the skirt's print :) there's also a dress at H&M with this print, isn't it? that's great as well

  7. ps.: oh yessss, I've seen them! but there are also silver hunter boots.. I'm thinking about getting them hmmm ;)

  8. Adoring that snake-y skirt!


  9. You look fantastic, and I hope you have a wonderful time on the slopes!! We all deserve a lovely day of snow & sunshine once and a while,eh?! Keeps us young & filled with beauty!