Wednesday, 11 February 2009

With love from me to you!

Yesterday the weather here was beautiful - one of those lovely crisp sunny winter days so the boyfriend came up with the idea of wandering down to the Albert Docks for a coffee. We sat outside to have it which was nice, whilst the Beatles museum blared out music next door. I think theres apartments above the museum, which would drive you a bit mad because if you wanted your windows open, then you'd just be able to hear the Beatles all day every day.
At Costa, the chocolate powder on the top of Adam's cappuccino was in the shape of two hearts ready for V-day which I thought was delightful!
I had a massive hat on, and at one point Adam thought my hair had gone completely crazy but then realised it was just the ridiculous head gear.
Hat - Resurrection, Coat - UO, Mittens - Vero Moda, Skirt - American Apparel, Bag - French Connection, Shoes - Chanel.

When we went back into town he got me this lovely little cake which pretty much made my day - particularly because the heart on top is actually a ring! Although it is tiny and only just fits on my little finger... and cuts off my circulation. But I'll wear it anyway.

Nail varnish - Barry M

Whilst in town I bought a Bum Bag(!) to take skiing with me because I usually carry a backpack but I can't really be bothered this year so I just thought I'd buy this to shove my phone, camera and money in - my ski suit has hardly any pockets. It's incredibly 90's. Adam said if I wore it at any other time than skiing he would disown me. But I might sneak it out and put it on when he's not looking anyway. It was only £2.60 which I think is very reasonable indeed.I'm off to have a pot of tea and then drag myself (kicking and screaming) to the gym.


  1. that drink looks amazing, love the nail polish too, really nice colourx

  2. My sister bought a bunch of those cupcakes for those rings, so cute!

  3. it's funny and geek !! lovin it

  4. that nail polish is so so cute!

  5. Oooh! I love the fanny pack! (bum bag) I was talking with my mom and sister the other day actually about how funny it would be if they came back in fashion! I can't wait to see the day when they are on the big runways!
    And thank you SO much for the compliment! I've never thought about my legs as particularly pretty so it is lovely of you to say that!!

  6. great post! so much to read and see..good the pic of the coffee..the hearts are very valentines for sure.
    glad you like my excitment too! haha i can't hold it in!
    happy friday!
    xxx love LM

  7. thank you! you have a pabulous blog here darling with an an amzing style to match it! cute nail polish and your bf sounds so sweet. xxx

  8. THe drink is so cute wit the hearts!!! :D

  9. A cake with a real ring on top?!?!?
    I want one!
    As soon as you get back from skiiing in dos weeks you MUST come to see me, except I spent approx £80 today and am already looking at stuff on ebay. sjgdhghjywfvcsqhwg.
    On a positive note, though, I've bought 4 dresses lately so Im catching up with the 85 you own!

  10. 2.60 for a eastpack bumbag is a dealll!!!and i love that heart ring..i would have bought it if i saw it tooo!!(btw i just ordered two bumbags of ebay for £5...i was also threatend with disownment...)

  11. loll a secret society otherwise we will get our ass dumped!!