Sunday, 15 February 2009

These boots were made for walking...

My V-day outfit was pretty amazing - Black shirt, Black pants, Black pinny, Silver Tie and Name badge. I was in work (I'm a waitress at the weekends)- Joy. It was mega busy and I home just before two! I was back there all day today as well... Rubbish.

My valentines gifts were a chunky gold necklace from Topshop and a Cath Kidston mug that I have wanted for aaaaaaaages - both are lovely!

I just wanted to stick a couple of pictures up from the other day when I wore this vintage fur coat - It actually belonged to my Great-Grandma and I don't know much about its history but it was probably from the 1950s or early 1960s. All I know is that it's mink, in absolutley perfect condition, and its been sat in my Auntie's wardrobe for ages and it seemed a shame that such a fabulous garment was not being worn at all so I stole it. Plus it's really warm and cosy! The pics on the stairs are at my boyfriend's house and the lighting is not that good. Plus they are the world's dustiest stairs. I hoovered them once and when I moved the hoover, it had been untouched for so long a moth flew out from behind it. Honestly. How clich├ęd.

Top - Gap, Mega creased linen skirt - MangoWhat I thought was strange was that the lining of the coat was sewn beautifully and then they just whacked the label on with a bit of messy cross stitching at the end!

I also wore these Topshop ankle boots. I got them for Christmas
and each time I wear them I like them more because I wasn't that convinced the first couple of times. I don't really have the legs for them but I'll pretend I do anyway.I also went out on friday night and my friend Caitlin's hair was amazing - really cute. I was excited to learn that she used one of the hair tutorials from youtube to learn how to do it! I'm not sure which one she used but if I find out I'll post the link. If you haven't had a look already then go and have a browse! If I can find enough hair pins I think I'll have a go later on. This is her version:
It suited the tea dress and ankle sock combo... but it was a shame a drink got spilt on her dress!

I think Without a Paddle is on in a bit so I might go and sit around and watch that. Hope everyone had a nice Valentines weekend!


  1. Oooh! I love those Topshop boots! And that coat is to die for! I've seen some really great vintage ones around town but have never bought one for really stupid reasons. Seeing that one though makes me think again!

  2. definitely!! they are gorgeous!

  3. i know, isnt it a pain working on valetines day, but i was quite glad, i really didnt want to go out, so i had a good exscuse to say no, haha xxxx i love that coat, and the GAP top,xxx

  4. Hi!
    What a wonderful blog, I'm loving it and I'm already following you. Thank's for your visit on my blog. Don't me forget me and come back.

  5. It is so beautiful!!
    I quite like the moth part, a nice cliche!

  6. Love that skirt, the buttons make it so so cute. And i think you don't need special legs to be wearing those boots, haha. They look amazing and are so cute in the first place!

  7. thanks for your posting! your photos are so good;)

  8. Great combo... in love with those T-Bar shoes and ankle socks!

  9. Those boots look great! I like the outfit though I'm not keen on people wearing fur. (But your coat is very vintage, so I guess it's okay)=D

  10. Love your look! And the name of your blog is genius!


  11. Your french is very well
    as your photo !

  12. I love the fur coat, it's so lovely.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxx

  13. I love that the coat was actually created in Southport!
    Also, how come I had no idea you owned those boots?!?! They're so gooooood.
    Also I found a great sushi place here, so as soon as you come back from your holiday you must come and eat some with me cos Ive not seen you for weeks and weeks!

  14. Cute outfit. I like the stripes and your shoes are very cool.
    P.S. I don't really make excuses to not go...I just don't go!

  15. I love that skirt. the color is great paired with the dark brown.
    My mother has a lovely black mink coat sitting in her closet, it belonged to my grandmother once upon a time. some days I just feel terrible about it never being worn, but fur coats are a bit impractical for me.

    <3 the girl.

  16. those boots are absolutely fabulous.
    i hope you had a great valentines day.

  17. gorgeous booties honey!!! you look great and cool coat!
    thanks for your comment! had a lovely weekend indeed. hope you did too!

    xx LM

  18. drink spilled on dress? make it part of the very cobrasnake...

  19. Vintage fur is the best because you don't have to feel too guilty about wearing it. It's dead already, so whether you wear it or not is really of no consequence! And it's so true, there's no man-made substance that is anywhere near as warm as real fur.

  20. Head-to-toe, this is a gorgeous look... xxx