Friday, 6 February 2009

Here we come the sprightly sprites...

Brave and helpful like the Knights!
Ah the good old days when I was in the brownies. I was a sprite... hence the rhyme.
Actually I used to hate it... But I'm glad I went because I still have the little clover badge that I like to wear on my pinafore dress. Some days I end up dressing a little bit like a child. Today is one of those days.
These pictures were taken in my boyfriend's not so picturesque garden. I hope the gardener they used to have comes back in the summer otherwise we'll get lost in the weeds when its BBQ time.

Coat - Lux at Urban Outfitters, Scarf - Burberry, Glasses - Chanel, Pinafore dress - Zara, Shoes - Office, Shirt and tights - Primark, Brownie badge - Brown Owl at Brownies.

I went out for my friends birthday last night - the cake seemed to go down well! One of the staff at the restaurant even asked me if I wanted to start making my cakes for his cafe which was rather odd. I can imagine myself doing that and failing my degree because I am permanently baking! "Aunt Charlotte's Cakes" he wanted to call them.. how original.. plus I think I'm a bit to young to be an Aunt. We went to a really nice Indian place which had big chandeliers and green salt and pepper shakers, which I liked a lot, and then to a bar called Alma de Cuba for cocktails afterwards. It's really beautiful inside - I think it used to be a Turkish church or something - if you are in Liverpool its worth going to see.

I wore a tea dress sort of thing which got quite a few compliments, (my boyfriend said I looked like a sunflower which is apparently a good thing) but my hair got rained on and went really flat which was annoying.

Dress - Armarni Exchange, Leggings - American Apparel, Belt - Topshop, Cocktail - French Martini!

Alma de Cuba

Today I just went to the gym and nipped into town. I bought a hat and these pumps because they are very comfy and nice and bright!

Pumps - Primark, Leggings - American Apparel, Random wire - stray phone charger.

I also just made my little header thing by throwing some of my dresses all over my bed. It seemed like a good idea at the time but now I want to go to sleep so I have to put them all away which is a pain.


  1. looks like fun! I love the sunflower dress! totally adorable! I was never in brownies but I used to get badges for good behavior etc. at my church. I actually was just looking through them and thinking about what I could do with them. haha!

  2. oh you look so cute! hope you and your friends had a great night. the yellow is so so fav colour is happy!

    thanks for your comment..happy weekend!

    xx LM

  3. Make me a cake, Aunt Charlotte!!
    I want to go to Alma De Cuba!
    I have just eaten a ridiculously sized chinese takeaway and watched Bridget Jones. It's been a good Saturday night... haha.


  4. P.S Your header looks really good, shame you couldn't fit all 80 dresses you own in it!!

  5. thanks for your comment :) and NO k-mo can do no wrong i agree! she makes anything look ultra cool and fabulous!

    hope you had a nice sunday dear xxx LM