Thursday, 26 March 2009

Pret Addict

I've been to Pret a Manger a grand total of three times this week. It has become my new obsession.
I read in one of their little booklets, that if you write in and say something nice about a member of staff... they get sent a little silver star from Tiffanys! Amazing! I've also been to the gym three times though so I think I deserve it.
Just looking at this makes me salivate... Chicken with some kind of herby dressing and rocket and a pot of tea.

Whilst in town, I popped into Mac to see if they still had the pale pink Hello Kitty lipstick that I saw yesterday. It had sold out! But I got this "Tinted Lip Conditioner" which is rather lovely. It's a nice subtle colour, makes my lips soft and has added sun protection too which is nice because my lips seem to burn very easily. A good one for the handbag! Apparently it's also good for applying to the cheeks for a bit of extra colour but I haven't tried that yet.
Probably the most subtle lipwear I have.. except for yesterday's one of course...

Apologies for the consistently poor quality of my photos.. I need I new camera/face. One of them I will be getting in about two weeks (hopefully)!

This coat got taken out today because it was raining. Nikita says it looks like a Quality Street wrapper. Personally I quite like it! It was from a little boutique in Cannes from my trip in September. I might also buy the shorts in the pic next week (it was too cold today to spend money on shorts)... they are a Primark rip off of the American Apparel ones. I would rather have the AA ones, but I don't think I'll wear them that much (unless my thunder thighs just vanish over night) so I may as well get the cheaper ones.
I really need to tidy up... My room is a state. I'm working all weekend - RUBBISH. Hope you all have lovely weekends!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Dancing, Sparkles and Noodles

Last night involved another trip into town (Popworld was visited as usual), and I didn't do Karaoke because the DJ decided it was too late to do it.. I put my name down and everything! So close! I did however get a Ben and Jerry's ice cream sandwich on the way home which was unexpected but lovely all the same. Today I had a wander round town with my friend Roger and got a gold glitter lipstick (which I'll never wear) and Wagamama's take out for my tea (Duck Gyoza and Chilli Chicken Ramen.. yum yum yum!).

I wore this too-short lacy dress from a random shop in my Nan's village.. It's actually backless but it was far too cold to brave it without a coverup. I'm not entirely sure what is going on with the hair but it wasn't really behaving last night.. probably because it was crimped to within an inch of it's life the day before. My good friend Mr Tom Donnelly got to pop world in time to do karaoke and actually won a "Pop World Idol" certificate which promoted him to a god in my eyes.. hence the worshipping.

This is my beautiful friend Nikita - I loved this dress on her it was such a good colour, shape and length and looks wonderful with her amazingly curly hair! And below is Roger after stealing my hair flower, a daisy ring and my Magners.
And finally the glitter lipstick from today:How fun is that?! Also I got paid today and I was thinking about buying one of the Mac Hello Kitty lipsticks.. has anyone tried them? Are they any good or is it just the packaging that is worth having?

Monday, 23 March 2009

Come Dine with Me

I've had a very lazy day today... I whipped my wellies out and washed my car when there was a breif interval of sunshine and then when it came to rinsing found out that the hose pipe was ripped so had to resort to chucking buckets of water over Francisco, only most of it ended up on me.
These are just boring green Dunlop wellies that I decided to jazz up for the Leeds festival a couple of years ago with a bit of acrylic paint.

For the rest of the day, I watched a lot of Come Dine with Me which is completely addictive. For those of you who don't know (i.e. people who live outside of the UK or those inside of it but with actual lives) there are five contestants and they all have to host a dinner party and the four guests rate them at the end from 1 to 10. The winner gets £1000. Anyway, there was one particular group that really wound me up because this complete and utter cow was giving everyone really low scores (her highest was 3) to try and secure her chances of winning. Fortunately at the end CDWM stepped in and told her that this was not allowed and unless she voted again, she would be disqualified. She didn't end up winning. Hooray!

"Unless she invites Brad Pitt to dinner, I'm not going to give her more than three.. Hahaha"

Then, this evening I got bored and when that happens I do things like put fake tan on (I'm terrible at doing it) or crimp my hair. I had to nip out to Tescos, left it down and got some very strange looks indeed. Whilst in this state, I find my heavy, floppy hair suprisingly easy to deal with so I thought I'd give a "hair bow" a try. I think with crimped hair it does look a little bit like Minnie Mouse crossed with a Fraggle and definately looks better with straight hair. If you want to find out how to do one that actually looks like a bow rather than something from the Disney store, see here.

Also, I am desperate for a new camera for my Birthday which is next month (I'll be Twenteen), because mine is terrible - with the flash on I look ghostly and with it off, it's all blurry. Most annoying... So if anyone would like to share with me what sort of camera they use, or recommend one for me I would be ever so greatful!

Friday, 20 March 2009

The past week...

I've been terrible this week and not done a single post! Ooops! To be fair my internet has been playing up loads so everything has been really slow and the weather has been wonderful so I've been out and about rather than sat at my computer.

Firstly, I had a wonderful time dog-sitting Charlie and Polly with my friend Amy, and pretty much lived in a massive country bumpkin style sweater I bought from a charity shop, leggings, leg warmers, trusty H&M rain coat and walking boots, and I bought an oversized blazer from a charity shop whilst I was there for the bargain price of £3. We also found this really creepy house that had smashed windows, a tree growing through the bottom one and a tattered and torn curtain at the window. We thought it was empty so tried to have a peek through the window but couldn't see anything. We got told later on that somebody lives there! Creepy!

And here is the £3 blazer in action on St Patricks. I didn't take my camera out so I had to steal this from someone else. I've rolled the sleeves up but you can't really tell. Don't I look happy? It's because I wasn't allowed to go to Popworld.

I enjoyed wearing it that much that I wore basically the same thing again yesterday for a picnic in the park with my friend Nikita but I bare legged it which was quite exciting because it was for the first time this year but also made me feel rather self concious. The picnic was fun though - I've had two little ones this week! Wonderful!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine and I promise I'll do more posts next week!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Today I have the biggest spot EVER on my chin!! My boyfriend kindly named it "Zack the Zit"... just incase it needed any more attention drawing to it. I loved the cardigan I was wearing today - I stole it from my mum the same time I took her blazer. It's so fun! I managed to cut my head off in this pic anyway which is a good job because it's been completely taken over by Zack.Cardigan - Stolen, Top - Another Gap one, Shoes - Cheap shoe shop!

I decided to trot into town wearing these heels today which was fun for a bit but after a little while I was glad I took my Chanel flats to change into - I couldn't have trudged round in them all day. Here's a little close up of the embellishment on the cardi too:
These shoes look really similar to a pair topshop had in not so long ago but I found these for just £20 in a cheap shoe shop and they have become my new comfy going out shoes because my old ones are completely wrecked.

I'm off to the lake district tomorrow to do some dogsitting with my friend Amy and I am soooooo excited! I might take my laptop with me, I haven't decided yet but hopefully I'll have lots of doggy snaps. I can't wait!

Broken Karaoke!

So, last night I went to the cheesiest bar in town - POPWORLD - with the intention of finally singing karaoke (I always chicken out when I get there). But last night it was not to be yet again because apparently one of the DJ's had broken the equipment! I was mad. £1.99 cocktails helped to ease the pain though. I painted my nails black for the first time in possibly years as well and that made me very happy.
Also I would like to know how everyone gets people to take pictures of them for their blogs because everyone I ask is sooo reluctant to take a snap and they basically have to be forced. Annoying! Anyway here's a terrible picture of what I was wearing:

Dress - People's Market, Boots - Topshop, Bag - UO, Watch - Cartier

The dress has one of those fun rosettes on each shoulder making it one of my winter favourites. I love wearing grey.. I don't know why, I just do.

Spice up your life came on and we all did the little routine for the chorus. Popworld is just the BEST.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Forget London, Liverpool Fashion Week is what it's all about!
Actually it's not really. I went to watch one of the shows earlier this evening (it was at the Adelphi and tickets were £10 and theres a couple more shows there this week as well as other stuff going on in the town centre). Some of the stuff was nice, some of it was really terrible and one of the models looked mega aggressive. The highlight for me and my friends was that they had got some buskers from the town centre who play the accordian to accompany one of the collections which was fun! That was ruined though because one of the hosts, who was obviously under the impression that he was amazing because he'd brought his terrified looking dog on stage and could then say whatever he wanted, said when the two guys left the stage "Oh illegal immigrants - gotta love them" or words to that effect. No one found it very amusing.
I didn't really manage to get any good pictures because there were about a million flashes all going off at once which my camera didn't appreciate but here are a couple just to give you a taste.

Vish, Caitlin and Myself - this is the only one where we all had our eyes open, but Vish is pulling that face haha...

Anyway thats enough of that...

Firstly, I was at home on Friday night and caught my mum coming home from dinner. She was wearing this ensemble and I liked it very much so took a quick snap whilst we were chatting in the kitchen. I wouldn't mind investing in a similar pair of trousers myself actually!

And secondly, I would like to complain about the weekend.

I went go karting for a friends birthday and I was doing amazingly well some how - top of the leaderboard for a lot of the time - and then in the final I was beaten by my silly boyfriend who I had beaten in lots of other races! I was so annoyed I barely spoke to him on the bus home. He's got a trophy which he keeps on display just to rub it in. Grrr!! Here we all are in our super sexy jumpsuits.

I suppose it could be worse - you could actually be this dog:

This is actually a poodle!! For the rest of the truly bizzare pictures, click here.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Acceptable in the '80s?

On Tuesday evening I went out for a meal to celebrate a friend's 21st.
The football was on (boring) so we had the meal in a restaurant that belongs to one of the Liverpool footballers and it has TV screens EVERYWHERE. All the boys sat along one side of the table (the one with the best view of the screens) and the girls along the other.

I wasn't expecting the food to be any good because its a gimicky sort of place, but I was pleasantly suprised! I had a butternut squash and sage pasta dish for my main course and it was delish!

I couldn't help feeling like I was from some time in the 1980s though with my outfit choice... I wasn't going for that look on purpose at all I put what I wanted to wear on and thats how it turned out. Ah well!

The jacket that I'm wearing is one of the ones that I stole from my mum - I mentioned it in a post a while ago but this is the first time I have got round to taking a pic. This was taken in my room at uni and on the mirror behind I have random things stuck to it including some hallowe'en decorations from 2007, the lid from some Ricola tea (which is rather refreshing if you haven't tried it... it might only be available in Switzerland for the moment, I haven't really looked into it) and a 10p sign that I saw on the floor and for some unknown reason fell in love with; and on the wall are a strip of polaroids taken with my SPICECAM (I scratched "spice girls" off and removed all the stickers when they broke up... I now regret that a lot).
These are one of my favourite pairs of trusty clip-ons - They were from a charity stall that appeared in my nan's village one saturday and were 20p. Amazing. As I've said, the blazer was stolen from my Mummy, the skirt iss AA and the top is from Gap.

I've had tutorials every day this week so its been hectic trying to prepare for all of them. I'm off tomorrow which is lovely. Here's what I wore today:Cardigan - Topshop, Body - New Look, Skirt - H&M, Plastic Bow Tie Necklace - UO

And after thinking to myself "this spring I'm going to try and dress a little more sophisticated", I bought this:Am I actually five years old? In my defence I think it was because I was stood in the shop so long and the shopkeeper started looking a bit impatient. Either way I'm an imbecile.

Monday, 2 March 2009

The Land of Chocolate, Cheese and Cuckoo Clocks.

The only good thing about coming home from Switzerland is if you have managed to make it without any skiing injuries you can breathe a sigh of relief. Otherwise its just really depressing. For me it feels like I've been dumped or something - honestly! I am completely in love with the place we go to. Its a tiny little village with no cars and not very much to do and I would love to live there. My dad reckons that you'd go mad after a couple of weeks but I am easily amused so I think I'd be ok. Maybe I'll work a season over there when I've finished uni.

On the injuries front, I got my sigh of relief - no broken bones this year I just pulled a muscle in my neck because a snowboarder ploughed into me which was very annoying because that was the only fall I had all week (except when I fell down some stairs going to the bathroom which left me sprawled on my back on the floor) and even though it was definately his fault I received a torrent of abuse in German.

I was really bad at taking pictures as well because my camera was getting on my nerves. All of the ones from the night are blurry and the ones from the day are equally as bad because it was too bright to see the screen. My dad hated using it too so he offered to get me a new one for my birthday which is super! Anyway here are a couple of the OK ones just to set the scene:

Me and my mum... (this isn't the best photo of her!) Her ski suit is Spyder and mine is Roxy.
Scarf - H&M, Goggles - Scott, (completely unmatching)Helmet - Uvex.

I love how all of the buildings look like Gingerbread houses.

Mary's Cafe - so much snow on the roof! It didn't stop snowing for the first three days of our holiday.

There is also a bar on the top of the mountain that is inside a Tipi and it always has really loud fun music playing inside it and exciting things like this cow on skis:

And finally this was the view from my balcony:

I didn't really have any good nights out or anything because the people I would usually go out with went the week before this year so there are no apres ski type pictures unfortunately.

I ran into town today to have a quick browse through the shops and thought I'd pop into Next because they have been advertising loads recently and some of the stuff looks quite nice. They even did a little booklet for Elle. In the actual store though, it was just as mumsy as ever. They didn't even have any nice shoes or anything - very disappointing!

This week I am desperate for these Vivienne Westwood beautys but I need to assess my finances because I've got loads of things coming up - I'm going out for a birthday meal tomorrow, go-karting on Saturday and the following weekend dog-sitting in the Lake District, all of which I am very excited about(!), but I have just had the past two weekends off work which means no money for me. Oh but the shoes... Perhaps I'll just have to be patient.