Monday, 23 March 2009

Come Dine with Me

I've had a very lazy day today... I whipped my wellies out and washed my car when there was a breif interval of sunshine and then when it came to rinsing found out that the hose pipe was ripped so had to resort to chucking buckets of water over Francisco, only most of it ended up on me.
These are just boring green Dunlop wellies that I decided to jazz up for the Leeds festival a couple of years ago with a bit of acrylic paint.

For the rest of the day, I watched a lot of Come Dine with Me which is completely addictive. For those of you who don't know (i.e. people who live outside of the UK or those inside of it but with actual lives) there are five contestants and they all have to host a dinner party and the four guests rate them at the end from 1 to 10. The winner gets £1000. Anyway, there was one particular group that really wound me up because this complete and utter cow was giving everyone really low scores (her highest was 3) to try and secure her chances of winning. Fortunately at the end CDWM stepped in and told her that this was not allowed and unless she voted again, she would be disqualified. She didn't end up winning. Hooray!

"Unless she invites Brad Pitt to dinner, I'm not going to give her more than three.. Hahaha"

Then, this evening I got bored and when that happens I do things like put fake tan on (I'm terrible at doing it) or crimp my hair. I had to nip out to Tescos, left it down and got some very strange looks indeed. Whilst in this state, I find my heavy, floppy hair suprisingly easy to deal with so I thought I'd give a "hair bow" a try. I think with crimped hair it does look a little bit like Minnie Mouse crossed with a Fraggle and definately looks better with straight hair. If you want to find out how to do one that actually looks like a bow rather than something from the Disney store, see here.

Also, I am desperate for a new camera for my Birthday which is next month (I'll be Twenteen), because mine is terrible - with the flash on I look ghostly and with it off, it's all blurry. Most annoying... So if anyone would like to share with me what sort of camera they use, or recommend one for me I would be ever so greatful!


  1. Ahh your hair looks incredible! CDWM is pretty hilarious actually- some of the contestants are nutters.

    Also- you're a bad influence haha. We'll see how long my shopping ban lasts..I'm hoping I can last until May!

  2. friggin love the hair do! so cuttteee!! and CDWM is too funny, the narrator has the best lines and they actually crack me up!!

  3. LOLOL...ahh good old C.Millie!! im glad i bring back the meories!!

  4. errr are we the only losers commenting on blogs at this time of the morning...sshhheezz!!!

  5. I LOVE it! haha. Seriously, it's nowhere near as bad as the one I posted of Adele, lol. I do like it. I think the crimping brings a real 80s vibe to it, and I have a thing for past 80s. Well, I have a thing for most past decades, lol.
    And I totally know what you mean about flatmates ruining music. A few years ago, my roommates used to blast James Blunt before they went out partying (every night). And then all of a sudden, he became big in North America too and it was on the radio all the time. I might have liked him if I wasn't already sick to death of him and knew every song backwards.

  6. You have SO MUCH HAIR. I am dying of Jealous. And you're making me wish I still had my crimping iron that I got in the 5th grade.

    Also, I've come to the conclusion that TV in the UK is vastly superior to what we have here in the states. Absolutely Fabulous and the UK Office are two of my favorite shows of all time.

  7. love the color of your car. and your god, how did u do that?

  8. It is incredibly addictive! and I love the bow!

    x x x

  9. Love your wellies and the crimptastic hair!!


  10. The first image is wonderfully fun... and ohmygod, I wish I still had a crimper.
    You look fantastic! xxx

  11. Hey sorry I completely forgot to comment you back the last time you commented me! I actually had something to say as well but I've now forgotten. Good boater tip, I thought about doing that with the school my sixth form is affiliated with but its only for verry little people, so I may have to look higher up the education system.

    I cannot believe you managed to make crimped hair look so cool! Crazyy. That lady sounds mean, I'm not sure I've ever watched Come Dine With Me before, it sounds good (:

  12. I love the big hair, I'd be tempted to Luella- it and shove lots of toys and clips and junk in there! Nice attempt at a hair bow too, I haven't tried that yet!

  13. love your hair !!
    i agree with you this show is totally addictive (and btw, it also exist in france =))but the only bad thing is that i am always hungry after watching it !!
    love your blog.. sorry for my poor english and kisses from france !