Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Forget London, Liverpool Fashion Week is what it's all about!
Actually it's not really. I went to watch one of the shows earlier this evening (it was at the Adelphi and tickets were £10 and theres a couple more shows there this week as well as other stuff going on in the town centre). Some of the stuff was nice, some of it was really terrible and one of the models looked mega aggressive. The highlight for me and my friends was that they had got some buskers from the town centre who play the accordian to accompany one of the collections which was fun! That was ruined though because one of the hosts, who was obviously under the impression that he was amazing because he'd brought his terrified looking dog on stage and could then say whatever he wanted, said when the two guys left the stage "Oh illegal immigrants - gotta love them" or words to that effect. No one found it very amusing.
I didn't really manage to get any good pictures because there were about a million flashes all going off at once which my camera didn't appreciate but here are a couple just to give you a taste.

Vish, Caitlin and Myself - this is the only one where we all had our eyes open, but Vish is pulling that face haha...

Anyway thats enough of that...

Firstly, I was at home on Friday night and caught my mum coming home from dinner. She was wearing this ensemble and I liked it very much so took a quick snap whilst we were chatting in the kitchen. I wouldn't mind investing in a similar pair of trousers myself actually!

And secondly, I would like to complain about the weekend.

I went go karting for a friends birthday and I was doing amazingly well some how - top of the leaderboard for a lot of the time - and then in the final I was beaten by my silly boyfriend who I had beaten in lots of other races! I was so annoyed I barely spoke to him on the bus home. He's got a trophy which he keeps on display just to rub it in. Grrr!! Here we all are in our super sexy jumpsuits.

I suppose it could be worse - you could actually be this dog:

This is actually a poodle!! For the rest of the truly bizzare pictures, click here.


  1. Too bad about the dress! I'm sure when you do make it though it will be worth it!
    Haha! My brother used to play the accordion! That's awesome!
    And please tell your mother she has amazing taste in trousers. Those are amazing!

  2. I thought your mom looked chic! That's cool you got to go to a fashion week!

  3. wow your mum! looks good! and what a horrible thing that presenter said KMTT! fool! and too bad about the race, stuff like that always happen!!

  4. oh your mumsy looks so so cute! tell her lovemore said she looks fabulous! ha.

    thanks for your comment, i am sure jeans look great on you too!

    xxx love LM

  5. oh my - is doing that to a poodle even legal?!

  6. OMG, that picture of the poodle makes me sad. And your mom is so fashionable! Now i see where you get it ;)

  7. haha that poodle! fashion week was good but go-karting was better! :)
    how do i kickstart things for my blog lol!?

  8. that is such a cute outfit your mum has on!