Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Broken Karaoke!

So, last night I went to the cheesiest bar in town - POPWORLD - with the intention of finally singing karaoke (I always chicken out when I get there). But last night it was not to be yet again because apparently one of the DJ's had broken the equipment! I was mad. £1.99 cocktails helped to ease the pain though. I painted my nails black for the first time in possibly years as well and that made me very happy.
Also I would like to know how everyone gets people to take pictures of them for their blogs because everyone I ask is sooo reluctant to take a snap and they basically have to be forced. Annoying! Anyway here's a terrible picture of what I was wearing:

Dress - People's Market, Boots - Topshop, Bag - UO, Watch - Cartier

The dress has one of those fun rosettes on each shoulder making it one of my winter favourites. I love wearing grey.. I don't know why, I just do.

Spice up your life came on and we all did the little routine for the chorus. Popworld is just the BEST.


  1. wow spice girl undertone post too! whoop!! that looks like the cheesiest place EVER! lol! and yes, i did own a pair of platform i got them in paris when i was youunnggg and my mother too was verr reluctunt to buy them! andi cried and pleaded and she gave in. they killed my feet. made the back bleed and my mum still said you have to wear them because i begged so hard LOL! i prob still have them sumwhere!!

  2. The dress is gorgeous... and oh, the last shot is too adorable!

  3. Sometimes I can finagle (is that a word?) by BF into taking a few pictures of me, and that always turns out better than when I do it myself. But for the rest of the time, I prop my camera up on a chair or something and use the self timer. That reminds me, I must invest in a tripod soon...

  4. That Karaoke place looks like so much fun. You're definately making me regret my decision to not move to Liverpool.

  5. I love the dress! It's on my 'sometime before I die' to-do list to sing karaoke!
    It is really hard to get pictures sometimes! Luckily I live in a house with four of my siblings so even on the worst days after a lot of begging and bribing I can usually get someone to do it. Mainly its my 13 year old sister who takes them but when she has tons of homework (like once a week) my 11 year old brother might take them and when all else fails I have my 14 year old sister (who NEVER wants to take them) and my 19 year old sister (who I get kind of embarrassed to ask). I always try to keep it as short as possible so they don't get bored like I always know ahead of time where I will take them and usually I will give them some type of advance warning like- "hey, how does half an hour from now sound for pictures?!" and then they can psych themselves out for it!
    Ok sorry for the super long comment! I'm really bad at leaving short ones!