Friday, 20 March 2009

The past week...

I've been terrible this week and not done a single post! Ooops! To be fair my internet has been playing up loads so everything has been really slow and the weather has been wonderful so I've been out and about rather than sat at my computer.

Firstly, I had a wonderful time dog-sitting Charlie and Polly with my friend Amy, and pretty much lived in a massive country bumpkin style sweater I bought from a charity shop, leggings, leg warmers, trusty H&M rain coat and walking boots, and I bought an oversized blazer from a charity shop whilst I was there for the bargain price of £3. We also found this really creepy house that had smashed windows, a tree growing through the bottom one and a tattered and torn curtain at the window. We thought it was empty so tried to have a peek through the window but couldn't see anything. We got told later on that somebody lives there! Creepy!

And here is the £3 blazer in action on St Patricks. I didn't take my camera out so I had to steal this from someone else. I've rolled the sleeves up but you can't really tell. Don't I look happy? It's because I wasn't allowed to go to Popworld.

I enjoyed wearing it that much that I wore basically the same thing again yesterday for a picnic in the park with my friend Nikita but I bare legged it which was quite exciting because it was for the first time this year but also made me feel rather self concious. The picnic was fun though - I've had two little ones this week! Wonderful!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine and I promise I'll do more posts next week!


  1. Such cute picks! Loving that striped frock!


  2. Picnics are so much fun. It's not quite picnic weather here yet. Soon. Very weird about that house. I can't believe someone would live there. Nice Blazer.

  3. Today is the first day of spring so I'm so happy it's getting hot again! Cute doggies! It looks like you had so much fun during your picnic. I love the photo of the keds, well I hope they are keds. Anyway, I live in Keds there are so comfortable!

  4. oh that must have been a great day :) I really like picnics. the dogs are so cute :)

  5. Oh, my bad. Well, my keds are totally messed up as well. I wear them to work sometimes and when I'm just out walking. Well, I think your shoes look pretty cool for being bent out of shape. :)

  6. £3!! bargain! wait till i post my sisters 50p onee! then you will be shocked!!! lol! also "keep it all and pile it high" ar emy kinda girl lol!!

  7. LOVE the white sash which you've used as a hair accessory! And that view from the top is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! LOVE your thrifted blazer!!

    Thanks for the comment! REALLy appreciated it! Anyway, I took the picture of the guy from quite a distance; so, I HOPE he didn't notice? Seeing how bored he was while waiting for the train! HAHA!

    AND, you should probably get such a satchel for your boyf! HE couldn't say "NO" to a pressie from you isn't it?!:D HAHA!

  8. Wow, its so pretty where you are...makes me think of galloping a horse while the wind rips through your hair. And I got to dog sit last weekend too! I'm always perving out on other people's dogs because I want one of my own so badly!

  9. Yay Picnic time! I really like the photo of that house...I reckon it's occupant is a little old man. That house must be freezing!

  10. I know right! I was meantally hitting my head against the floor after I'd hauled the pieces up haha. Nice blaer too! I love it when you find gorgeous gems for such steals. The weather looks so wonderful where you are! :)

  11. Your dogs are so cute! You look great in stripes too :D

  12. fab post! lots of fun being had :) and those dogs are the cutest!!! ow i love dogs!

    the last outfit is super hot!

    hope you are well :)

    much love lM xx

  13. I just had a picnic today actually! I went out with a few siblings and had muffins and coffee and fruit. That striped dress is just great! I wish I had one like that! Stripes don't really work on me but they look fantastic on you!

  14. What a cute dog! :)

    xoxo: Janet

  15. You live in such a pretty place. Which county are you in?
    Oh, and i think you look a lot like a French actress called Chiara something, she was in a movie called Chansons D'Amour.

    Clio XXX