Thursday, 5 March 2009

Acceptable in the '80s?

On Tuesday evening I went out for a meal to celebrate a friend's 21st.
The football was on (boring) so we had the meal in a restaurant that belongs to one of the Liverpool footballers and it has TV screens EVERYWHERE. All the boys sat along one side of the table (the one with the best view of the screens) and the girls along the other.

I wasn't expecting the food to be any good because its a gimicky sort of place, but I was pleasantly suprised! I had a butternut squash and sage pasta dish for my main course and it was delish!

I couldn't help feeling like I was from some time in the 1980s though with my outfit choice... I wasn't going for that look on purpose at all I put what I wanted to wear on and thats how it turned out. Ah well!

The jacket that I'm wearing is one of the ones that I stole from my mum - I mentioned it in a post a while ago but this is the first time I have got round to taking a pic. This was taken in my room at uni and on the mirror behind I have random things stuck to it including some hallowe'en decorations from 2007, the lid from some Ricola tea (which is rather refreshing if you haven't tried it... it might only be available in Switzerland for the moment, I haven't really looked into it) and a 10p sign that I saw on the floor and for some unknown reason fell in love with; and on the wall are a strip of polaroids taken with my SPICECAM (I scratched "spice girls" off and removed all the stickers when they broke up... I now regret that a lot).
These are one of my favourite pairs of trusty clip-ons - They were from a charity stall that appeared in my nan's village one saturday and were 20p. Amazing. As I've said, the blazer was stolen from my Mummy, the skirt iss AA and the top is from Gap.

I've had tutorials every day this week so its been hectic trying to prepare for all of them. I'm off tomorrow which is lovely. Here's what I wore today:Cardigan - Topshop, Body - New Look, Skirt - H&M, Plastic Bow Tie Necklace - UO

And after thinking to myself "this spring I'm going to try and dress a little more sophisticated", I bought this:Am I actually five years old? In my defence I think it was because I was stood in the shop so long and the shopkeeper started looking a bit impatient. Either way I'm an imbecile.


  1. I love the first outfit tons! You rock that look! And the skirt in the second outfit is amazing! I must have a thing for animal prints or something!
    haha! I am always attempting to be more sophistiaced! Not sure if that's worked out yet though... I love the gingerbread boy headband. So adorable!

  2. Ps- It's not too hard making one of those Alexander Wang dresses you just have to be prepared to spend a lot of time at it. I had to draw even lines all across it and them cut them out carfully enough so as not to cut another one of the strips. And you don't need a super oversized t-shirt because it streches out but you will want something that's not skin-tight. Just some tips! Hope that helps (if you are actually interested in doing it that is!)

  3. I love the vintage blazer from your mom! It's very chic and timeless! Your style is so fun!

  4. argg love the hair band!! how much was it?!!? and i hate you for those 20p earrings. i would have bought teh whole stall!!! im so jealous right about now! and i have that H&M skirt too! and i see the minnie bow UO necklace - did you get it in the sale? i was going too but thought no! I have too much! You actually wear very similar stuff that i would wear...we are too cool with our bumbags lol!

    italian brooklyn waitress: she was rather old...but we went to the dinner looking place, rather small, with small seating area...and we sat and she just came over and asked what we wanted to eat, and we was like can we see the menu...and she was like why? do u want pizza or pasta and we were like eeerrr menu because we dont know what topping ect. she was mad for us making her get menus and then she confused our orders, and we were confused if she took orders or if we go to the counter and then she basically cussed us out in her language which emma understood and she translated it back lol. meanie.but good pizza.

  5. I love clip on earrings haha (I don't like holes) and your blazer is really cute!

  6. Hahaha love your sophisticated headband!! You shall stay fun and colourful as you are =D.
    I listened to the football on the radio... Was fun. Butternut Squash & Sage pasta sounds yum yum yum, but not as much as Wagammas lol.
    Re: Jersey Boys... Well, you see, after we decided all that I researched it loads and most of the reviews I read said the singing was the only good bit and the musical itself was a bit boring and hard for us old Brits to relate to... So the idea kind of died out!

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  8. Dinner sounds yummy, and I love that blazer!


  9. that jacket at the top is amazing!!!!!!!!
    and that dinner sounds gooooooooood! :)

  10. aww i love colors and your yellow skirt blazer combo made my YEAR(: xx

  11. ah the clip-ons reminded me of my mom's!

    and thanks a lot for visiting my blog! i love your outfits a lot!!

  12. I love the jacket! It looks so good with the skirt and tee as well.
    Oo which footballer? I used to support Liverpool until I realized (unwillingly) that I actually got a lot more excited about Man Utd

  13. oh miss your first outfit is so darling! the stripes, the black and the yellow - brilliant!
    thanks so much for your comment lovely one.

    happy weekend! love LM xxxxxxx

  14. I have a hairclip the same as yours! It's super cute and everyone loves it.

    Love the 80s hand me down from your mum, it looks great on you! Also, I will have to add you on my links too!

  15. The headband is WAY too cute! I love the jacket too!

  16. I really like the first outfit. Also, your meal sounds AMAZING!

  17. Oh wow, the first outfit! That's wicked! x