Monday, 2 March 2009

The Land of Chocolate, Cheese and Cuckoo Clocks.

The only good thing about coming home from Switzerland is if you have managed to make it without any skiing injuries you can breathe a sigh of relief. Otherwise its just really depressing. For me it feels like I've been dumped or something - honestly! I am completely in love with the place we go to. Its a tiny little village with no cars and not very much to do and I would love to live there. My dad reckons that you'd go mad after a couple of weeks but I am easily amused so I think I'd be ok. Maybe I'll work a season over there when I've finished uni.

On the injuries front, I got my sigh of relief - no broken bones this year I just pulled a muscle in my neck because a snowboarder ploughed into me which was very annoying because that was the only fall I had all week (except when I fell down some stairs going to the bathroom which left me sprawled on my back on the floor) and even though it was definately his fault I received a torrent of abuse in German.

I was really bad at taking pictures as well because my camera was getting on my nerves. All of the ones from the night are blurry and the ones from the day are equally as bad because it was too bright to see the screen. My dad hated using it too so he offered to get me a new one for my birthday which is super! Anyway here are a couple of the OK ones just to set the scene:

Me and my mum... (this isn't the best photo of her!) Her ski suit is Spyder and mine is Roxy.
Scarf - H&M, Goggles - Scott, (completely unmatching)Helmet - Uvex.

I love how all of the buildings look like Gingerbread houses.

Mary's Cafe - so much snow on the roof! It didn't stop snowing for the first three days of our holiday.

There is also a bar on the top of the mountain that is inside a Tipi and it always has really loud fun music playing inside it and exciting things like this cow on skis:

And finally this was the view from my balcony:

I didn't really have any good nights out or anything because the people I would usually go out with went the week before this year so there are no apres ski type pictures unfortunately.

I ran into town today to have a quick browse through the shops and thought I'd pop into Next because they have been advertising loads recently and some of the stuff looks quite nice. They even did a little booklet for Elle. In the actual store though, it was just as mumsy as ever. They didn't even have any nice shoes or anything - very disappointing!

This week I am desperate for these Vivienne Westwood beautys but I need to assess my finances because I've got loads of things coming up - I'm going out for a birthday meal tomorrow, go-karting on Saturday and the following weekend dog-sitting in the Lake District, all of which I am very excited about(!), but I have just had the past two weekends off work which means no money for me. Oh but the shoes... Perhaps I'll just have to be patient.


  1. Sounds and looks like so much fun! I have only been skiing once even though I live only a couple hour's drive away from some resorts. I went a few christmases ago with my family and it was very fun. It would be amazing skiing in Switzerland though!
    And those Vivienne Westwood shoes are amazing! I love the hearts! I could totally see you wearing them!
    Thank you for the comment btw. I am hoping to get the shoes (#3 maybe) this month or next. I will have to see how finances go.

  2. Those shoes are so darn cute!

  3. So fun!

    Love those Viv pumps too!


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  5. if i were a couple inches shorter i would order those shoes
    i love the color of themm

  6. Actually, the studding was pretty easy. My tip: use an awl or seam ripper to make holes before you poke the studs through. The hardest part was keeping them (relatively) straight!

    And you should Karaoke! It's not that embarrassing. Here's what I always think: it's the people who are really really bad singers that are the funniest to listen to, and the ones who think they're really good that make everyone roll their eyes. Being a bad singer is part of the fun! I know I can't hold a tune for shit!

  7. I love those shoes, but they are proving to be a buggar to get hold of! Do you know where they are in stock? Vivienne Westwood looks fab in these in the advert x

  8. skiing seems to be so fun
    i have never tried it myself. no snow here hehe
    you make me wanna go there :)
    love that vivienne pumps too

  9. i love ur blog.ur so lucky. i can't ski, or have a boyfriend. But i can snowboard, and i have 4 bouys that like me alot, does that count for anything?
    love, beth

  10. I would love to go skiing again, I've only ever been on one ski trip which was waaay back in school. Love your pics and those Melissa Shoes...I wonder how they will be to walk in seeing as they're plastic and all?

  11. haha looks like great fun :)

  12. I hope you find the shoooooes.
    I want to come on monday but i will have to miss uni and fail my degree... hmmm, decisions!!!

  13. glad there were NO broken bones! YAY! looks like fun, cute pic, especially the one with you and your mummsy :)

    thanks so much for your super sweet comment!!! you are too kind. and i am linking you right back now!!!

    much love, LM xxxx