Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Dancing, Sparkles and Noodles

Last night involved another trip into town (Popworld was visited as usual), and I didn't do Karaoke because the DJ decided it was too late to do it.. I put my name down and everything! So close! I did however get a Ben and Jerry's ice cream sandwich on the way home which was unexpected but lovely all the same. Today I had a wander round town with my friend Roger and got a gold glitter lipstick (which I'll never wear) and Wagamama's take out for my tea (Duck Gyoza and Chilli Chicken Ramen.. yum yum yum!).

I wore this too-short lacy dress from a random shop in my Nan's village.. It's actually backless but it was far too cold to brave it without a coverup. I'm not entirely sure what is going on with the hair but it wasn't really behaving last night.. probably because it was crimped to within an inch of it's life the day before. My good friend Mr Tom Donnelly got to pop world in time to do karaoke and actually won a "Pop World Idol" certificate which promoted him to a god in my eyes.. hence the worshipping.

This is my beautiful friend Nikita - I loved this dress on her it was such a good colour, shape and length and looks wonderful with her amazingly curly hair! And below is Roger after stealing my hair flower, a daisy ring and my Magners.
And finally the glitter lipstick from today:How fun is that?! Also I got paid today and I was thinking about buying one of the Mac Hello Kitty lipsticks.. has anyone tried them? Are they any good or is it just the packaging that is worth having?


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  2. Lol I love the picture of you hailing the pop world idol dude, shame you din't get to sing=[
    I too buy stuff from my nan's village they are the bestest finds. Nikita looks gorgeous and Roger lokks funny=] Your lipstick looks like fun, today I saw the Hello Kitty Mac range go for it lol n post in your thoughts.
    Wow Im busy writing essays here when I should be doing History Coursework on the Great Depression lol I actually think I'm trying to avoid it, Thankyou for giving me a break from "depression

  3. Hmm, That gold lipstick is definately interesting. I hope you find some way to wear. It has a secret potential that you just need to unlock.

    I was very confused for a minute about the Wagamama you had for tea. I was trying to figure out why you would drink a duck gyoza or chilli chicken flavoured tea... but then I remembered the other meaning for tea, lol. Something I only just learned recently.

  4. The Wagamamas looks good! Your friend Roger dresses so well!

    x x x

  5. You simply MUST work up the courage to wear that lipstick one day soon. It's so drag queen-tastic. And One of these days maybe you'll finally overcome your Karaoke phobia!

    And I ended up picking outfit #1 for my "interview" at the temp agency, because it was actually quite warm today. They better have been thoroughly impressed!

  6. Noo! You must wear it at least once! And post pictures while you're at it! I'll wear my black or even teal lipstick if you wear your gold! Pleeeaaaase!!
    Ok so I use a Sony Cyber-shot with 7.2 mega pixels.I will maybe post a picture of it on my next post so you can see. Hope that helps!

  7. Oh! and this is where I got my fur:

  8. HAHAH the story about your BF cracked me up!!!! HILARIOUS xxx LM