Thursday, 26 March 2009

Pret Addict

I've been to Pret a Manger a grand total of three times this week. It has become my new obsession.
I read in one of their little booklets, that if you write in and say something nice about a member of staff... they get sent a little silver star from Tiffanys! Amazing! I've also been to the gym three times though so I think I deserve it.
Just looking at this makes me salivate... Chicken with some kind of herby dressing and rocket and a pot of tea.

Whilst in town, I popped into Mac to see if they still had the pale pink Hello Kitty lipstick that I saw yesterday. It had sold out! But I got this "Tinted Lip Conditioner" which is rather lovely. It's a nice subtle colour, makes my lips soft and has added sun protection too which is nice because my lips seem to burn very easily. A good one for the handbag! Apparently it's also good for applying to the cheeks for a bit of extra colour but I haven't tried that yet.
Probably the most subtle lipwear I have.. except for yesterday's one of course...

Apologies for the consistently poor quality of my photos.. I need I new camera/face. One of them I will be getting in about two weeks (hopefully)!

This coat got taken out today because it was raining. Nikita says it looks like a Quality Street wrapper. Personally I quite like it! It was from a little boutique in Cannes from my trip in September. I might also buy the shorts in the pic next week (it was too cold today to spend money on shorts)... they are a Primark rip off of the American Apparel ones. I would rather have the AA ones, but I don't think I'll wear them that much (unless my thunder thighs just vanish over night) so I may as well get the cheaper ones.
I really need to tidy up... My room is a state. I'm working all weekend - RUBBISH. Hope you all have lovely weekends!


  1. Love, love the trench!

  2. Gosh When I sued to work I spent a hell of a lot of money on pret a mange and Starbucks lol I thot I was A HIGH FLYER-] lol the bank statements are a life lesson to me.
    Mac & Hello Kitty baby, the packaging is soo cute and from what your saying its really nice and subtle perhaps I should treat myself.
    The metallic trench is hot, I can vision then with Golden Nike High Tops.. lol my new obsesssion is gettin in the way of everything.
    I cleared my room 3 days ago after a long tym lol just do it like Nike,
    Gosh Im a hypocrite my history coursework is starin at me =[

  3. Mmm...chicken sandwich and tea. Thanks a lot, now I'm hungry.

    And bless your heart for the killer legs comment. They aren't really that killer. I have to take like 5 pictures just to get one that looks semi-decent. But I did decide to keep the shoes!

  4. lol, ur coat does look like a quality street wrapper!

  5. I like the idea of the lipstick as eyeshadow. Hope it works out. And don't stop your British slang!!! I love reading/hearing it. I think calling your dinner "tea" is so super cute. lol.

    If I ever go to a pret a manger I'll have to remember to write in their books. I like that idea.

  6. OH Pret a Manger, where would I be without them!

    x x x

  7. Love this addiction! And that trench is fab!


  8. Sun protection in lip balm is always a good idea! Even in winter, so the magazines say! If I had money just now, I'd be after a few Hello Kitty x MAC things myself, alas I am skint though...Pret a Manger is amazing, fact. Not totally over-priced either! Char x

  9. the gloss looks pretty! MAC makes good lip color, very moisturizing.


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  11. That metallic coat is completely and utterly gorgeous.

    Also I bought a few bits from HK MAC including that lip conditioner. It's such a cute colour and a really fun collection.

    Also, that Ed is friggin annoying.

  12. a unicorn cookie cutter must be the sweetest thing on earth. (:

  13. I never knew that! I will write something nice about a random member of staff next time I go in.
    I love the coat, it is surprisingly subtle considering the metaliic-yness.
    And oh dear Ed is back...arghh

  14. oh super shiny coat i love it! oh and YOU little gym junkie! pat on the back for you :)

    thanks for your commnet - yes i borrowed a dress from a friend for the party, lucky!

    hope work was bearable! xxx LM

  15. Your coat looks SO fantastic!! And that Hello Kitty lip conditioner looks cute. Oooh and I do love Pret, I always make sure to phone their hq number and say at which branch and person gave me good service :)

  16. You look so great with your trench !!!! Love your shoes !

  17. wish my hair was that long, love the trench coat, also the sandwhich looks so so nice xxxx