Friday, 30 January 2009

If I'd known you were coming I'd-a baked a cake...

I'm going for a meal for one of my friend's birthdays on Monday so I thought I'd bake her a cake. Last year I decided it would be fun to make a cake that looks normal from the outside but then have a really bright sponge in the middle as a suprise when you cut it open. I made a green and a blue one... the green one worked best and for this one I decided to go for pink. The food colouring I used was one with no artificial colours in it and it turns out that for a nice bright sponge you need a couple of lovely E numbers. The mixture looked really bright but then once baked the sponge was pretty much normal cake coloured so I decided to have a slice with a cup of tea this afternoon, share the rest out and make another one using proper food colouring.

I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to come round and help and when he got here I made him a cup of tea, gave him some mini eggs and he parked himself on the sofa and watched a film instead. He wore a pair of my sunglasses for a bit too.

Here is the original coloured cake:

The Cake Teapot:I don't usually wear rings but I love this one - you can't really see it properly but it sparkles loads of different colours. It was an impulse buy from Manchester Airport. I've also got a floral apron like all good housewives ready to bake.

The Useless Boy:

These sunglasses (another impulse buy when it was wet and windy outside) were £2 from Asda!

And the finished (half eaten) product which was actually very nice indeed! But not pink enough:

Really I should stop messing around with cakes and do some coursework.

I also bought this cute Minnie Mouse style hairclip from a charity shop today:

Bed time!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Midas Touch...

I bought some white pumps from primark and on the day I got them, stupidly wore them on a night out and they got filthy because for some reason people tend to stand on my feet a lot in bars.

I tried giving them a bit of a scrub but that just made them look sad and grey so I thought the only solution was to paint them gold!






Shiny Happy Shoes once more!

N.B. The horrible curtains in the background are in my room at uni.. Good old Unite provided me with them, I am not responsible for them in any way.

Another gold pair of shoes I am lusting after for AGES are these Marc by Marc Jacobs boots but they are only on the US net-a-porter and not in my size. If any one would like to magic me up a pair in a UK 8 I would be very greatful as they are much more snazzy than my painted pumps.

One, two, three 'o' clock, four 'o' clock... Frock!

I'm Charlotte and decided to create a blog after being inspired by my wonderful friend Nic! The things I love are dresses (I think I have seventy-four at the moment), clip-on earrings, Chanel, teapots (+ Typhoo NOT Tetleys), Elton John, Gordon's Gin, my car Francisco and massive bags.

I tend to wear things that are quite colourful/my boyfriend dislikes.

Here are some examples:

This dress was from New Look in the Gold by Giles collection a few seasons ago.
The didn't have it in my size but then I found it in the sale for just £7 which made me very happy.

This is probably some sort of really energetic dancing... but I don't really remember.
Skirt - American Apparel, Top - Gap, Bag - Primark, Telephone necklace - Joy.

Bowler Hat - Topshop, Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins, Lipstick - YSL

These are my shelves in uni which have very important things on them:

Yes there are four teapots there.
I've just realised I have more teapots than cups and saucers which is distressing.

So that's it really! I'll probably regret making this when I have exams and I am more bothered about posts than revision but never mind.