Friday, 30 January 2009

If I'd known you were coming I'd-a baked a cake...

I'm going for a meal for one of my friend's birthdays on Monday so I thought I'd bake her a cake. Last year I decided it would be fun to make a cake that looks normal from the outside but then have a really bright sponge in the middle as a suprise when you cut it open. I made a green and a blue one... the green one worked best and for this one I decided to go for pink. The food colouring I used was one with no artificial colours in it and it turns out that for a nice bright sponge you need a couple of lovely E numbers. The mixture looked really bright but then once baked the sponge was pretty much normal cake coloured so I decided to have a slice with a cup of tea this afternoon, share the rest out and make another one using proper food colouring.

I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to come round and help and when he got here I made him a cup of tea, gave him some mini eggs and he parked himself on the sofa and watched a film instead. He wore a pair of my sunglasses for a bit too.

Here is the original coloured cake:

The Cake Teapot:I don't usually wear rings but I love this one - you can't really see it properly but it sparkles loads of different colours. It was an impulse buy from Manchester Airport. I've also got a floral apron like all good housewives ready to bake.

The Useless Boy:

These sunglasses (another impulse buy when it was wet and windy outside) were £2 from Asda!

And the finished (half eaten) product which was actually very nice indeed! But not pink enough:

Really I should stop messing around with cakes and do some coursework.

I also bought this cute Minnie Mouse style hairclip from a charity shop today:

Bed time!

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