Thursday, 23 July 2009

Ten Things

I prepared for the cold weather we've been having recently today and it was actually really hot and sunny like July is supposed to be. I never get it right.

Nautical Cardigan - Charity Shop, Top - Gap, Jeans - Primark?, Shoes - Ran, Necklace - Gift

I was tagged by the wonderful Style Porn, who's blog I adore, to post ten facts about myself:

1. When I was a child, I used to have a bit of a phobia about second hand things. School fetes were a nightmare. I remember buying a book from a stall at one and then taking it back because I realised it was pre-owned. From then on I only bought things at fetes when there more than one of them so I knew they were new.

2. I've never dyed my hair because I'm too scared of wrecking it/doing something that won't suit me. In fact I've never even had a dramatic cut - it's pretty much been the same forever and is very straight and boring unless there's a bit of chlorine left in it like the picture above which gives it a bit of a wave.

3. In fact there are loads of things I've never done - I'm a bit of a nerd. I've never smoked, taken drugs, had a tattoo or even had my ears pierced. I'm not completely dull though - I promise!

4. I used to have a massive obsession with Good Charlotte when I was about 13.

5. I drive a blue VW Beetle Convertible called Francisco - it's quite a camp car, so I figured it needed a camp name. I make terrible mix cd's with awfully cheesey songs on them for car trips.

6. I am one of those people who is constantly trying to lose weight. I must have the worst metabolism ever - if I eat something, I can literally see where it has settled on my thighs.

7. I really really really want a horse - I used to go from when I was about four until I was fifteen and had to stop because of my GCSE's. I also really hate meeting people who have a horse and promise you can come and see it/ride it and then never actually invite you round. And if I can't have a horse, I want a pug called captain pugface.

8. This one is really strange - If I see someone using some sort of stationary, like a library book being stamped or something on a receipt being circled in biro, it has this really calming effect on me. I feel really lethargic for about thirty seconds afterwards.

9. I love having big feet - you get all the good sale shoes.

10. I really hate wearing jeans. I know I'm wearing them in the picture above but I was getting sick of having cold, wet legs so I dug a pair out from the depths of my wardrobe. I think they are so uncomfortable and I can never find a pair that fit right due to my chunky thighs.

Thats about it really! I'm not the most interesting of people.

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  1. Thanks for tagging! I love the pattern on your sweater, so neat!

  2. Haaaa that stationary thing is weird you odd thing. Also - yes I wish I had a sizer bigger feet for sale shoes!!
    Nope, I haven't worn the hat yet. It is a bit of a strange fit on ones head I think, regardless of size! Not as perfect a fit as my Asda trilby ;) haha. But then I've not worn anything other than work clothes, gym clothes and the same leggings and shorts combo for the last week... argh!

  3. I think your ten facts was pretty fun to read! I can't stand wearing jeans either and Good Charlotte is awesome! Thanks for the tag! I will def try to my ten facts for my next post!




  5. Adore this post!
    I have huge feet too, and you are so right about getting all the best sale shoes!
    Good for you, never dying your hair ~ it is lovely as is!


  6. thank you for the tag(: i'll def. be posting a response next blog post.

    i love the sweater that you're wearing in the photo!
    i want it(:


  7. Here's my promise to you: Come to california, and you can ride my horse. Or rather, you can sit on him because he's pretty crippled. He's quite handsome though still!

  8. Haha the biro thing made me smile! This tag is on my things to do!

  9. Nice outfit! I hate it, but I always end up doing that too, like wear jacket on a sunny day or shorts when it is cold. haha.
    Cool facts. =P

  10. I love reading little things about people, always makes me smile and laugh a little because we all have our quirks :)

    And I'm jealous that you've never dyed your hair - I can't remember what my natural color is anymore unfortunately.

  11. Looove that sweater! It's just so cute.

  12. Hey, it's Sweety P. My blog was deleted so I had to get a new blog. Here is the link to the new blog:

  13. So fun to read. ;D Thanks for sharing them to us. Have a great day ahead. ;D

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    Job Hunt Pinoy

  14. Ahh, it's a little thing called work that always seems to stand in the way of doing anything remotely fun. I used to work in downtown San Francisco, like a 5 min walk away from the Barney's, but now I commute out of the city an hour :( Boo. I even toyed with the idea of taking time off just to go but then I remembered I wanted hair extensions more. We'll see if that idea comes to fruition.

  15. I love your ten things! I'm relieved to have found someone who has never dyed her hair either. I thought I was the only one. Lol. I'm terrified of damaging mine too.
    And I get all the great shoe sales too, except it's because I have tiny feet. Hehe. :)

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