Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Mumpy mump mump.

I've got mumps. It's not fun. And it's my birthday on friday! Rubbish.

I've been trying to put my finger on what I look like - a hamster or gerbil? One of the mutants from The Hills have Eyes? I wasn't sure. Then I looked in the mirror this morning and it hit me: The receptionist from monsters inc.

That is actually what I look like... but only on one side which apparently means (lucky me) I can get it again on the other side in years to come.

My camera has run out of battery as well and I left the charger in uni, so no actual pictures. There are however two plus points to this illness (always look on the briiiight side of life.. di dum di dum di dum and all that jazz), firstly it has saved me money - I've been at home so haven't had to buy any food and I haven't been able to go to the shops and secondly it really hurts to eat so that extra half a stone I've been trying to shift is slipping away quite nicely (I know it will go back on really quickly but lets ignore that). I went to the doctors yesterday even though theres nothing they can do because I think you just have to notify them and I had to wait in the car rather than in reception so I didn't pass it on. Felt like a leper!

I was having a little look on and getting very jealous that everything is so much cheaper than the version and all the 'Apartment' stuff is so fun! Not fair.

Two things that would make my life complete are:

I love snails.


  1. loooool...sorry to laugh at that...but that is a funny comparison...i hope you get better soon

  2. Whoa mumps? Seriously? Do people even get that in the 21st century? Learn something new everyday. Feel better!

    And don't be too jealous about Urban Outfitters being cheaper in the states. How do you think I feel when I look on TopShop and they rip you off on the conversion rates....I still think the UK wins when it comes to affordable, trendy online retailers.

  3. Feel better soon! I didn't think Mumps were still around.

    That snail lamp is ridiculously cool.

  4. That fred perry dress is LUSH
    i <3 Fred Perry

  5. Oh, honey that's terrible... hope you're feeling better in time for the big day!

    Sending you lots of birthday wishes. xxx

  6. mumps?! sumone in my work has mumps also...ive nevr heard of it till now and 2 cases in one this shizz spreading!?

    btw that fred perry dress is fire!i love the whole mod fred perry look, i just cant be bov to buy into it lol! and thanks for the chanel glases advice, mines and indie optitions and they stock good brands bar chanel :-(

  7. I bet you still look gorgeous with a mumpy face.
    We can go into UO next week and be pissed off at the prices, yay =D!

  8. I hope you're resting and feel better really quickly dear :) And I looove the snail lamp!!

  9. Wow, that's so old school - and nasty! I hope you are feeling better now... And thank you for your lovely comment. Kxo