Monday, 1 November 2010

Hallowe'en at Satans Hollow

So for actual Hallowe'en I decided to go as Little Dead Riding Hood and spent Saturday at the sewing machine DIY'ing my costume. I was pretty pleased with how the cape turned out! There are so many pictures of me showing off the spiders web patterned lining.

We went to a bar in Manchester called Satan's Hollow which was well suited to the evening and everyone had made loads of effort with their costumes. Just as we arrived there was a competition being judged for the best one and the winner, dressed as iron man received £250!

Hope everyone had Happy Hallowe'ens - I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's costume efforts.

The fake blood is refusing to budge though - I'm in court tomorrow so it better be gone by then because it's not going to look good with my boring suit.


  1. I love the DIY cape, that's really creative. Now I wish I had of got pictures of my outfit last night :( Ohwell, hope you had a great halloween this year. I noticed you studied law, are you a barister now? lol

  2. Wow, I love your cape! It looks stunning.

  3. Your eyes are so green and pretty!!

    Love your costume. Your hair is amazing.

    I went as Lady Gaga, haha.

  4. Looks like so much fun!!!!

  5. nice to see you guys had a great time. happy belated halloween!



  6. love your rings!! and can you imagine how much drink that £250 would get you... that'd be one fun hallowe'en ;)

  7. You look lovely! I want to dress as little red riding hood next year! The Barry M stuff is great, it's such a fun effect but....the stuff reacts to air so it gets gloopy fast and has annoying dried bits all over the neck of the bottle. Definitely worth buying though!

  8. Nice job on the costumes!! I love them both!! So proud of you for pulling of that cape- I am so bad at linings! And the crimped hair is a very cool effect. Also loving the Cruella D'evil costume- wouldn't have thought of that but I love it so much - great hair!!
    It would be fun to dress up all the time. Some days I really want to! Perhaps over time I will be confident enough to dress in more interesting outfits on a regular basis but for now I chicken out and can't do it :(
    That would have been so awesome to watch the movie in such a fun atmosphere like that!! I saw it alone and late at night which was probably not such a great idea.
    ps- congrats on the computer!! I'm jealous!!
    pss- Yes, I now have three pairs of neon bike shorts with a fourth on the way :) I love them! Definitely worth it.

  9. I beg to differ--I think a little blood peeking out from under your collar would be both unexpected and intriguing in a court of law.

    I am so impressed with your lined cape. I mean, that takes real talent. I had no idea you knew how to sew. The whole costume turned out fantastically.

    And you know what makes me sad? Countries that don't celebrate Halloween. I'm so glad we live in rational, advanced societies.

  10. Oohh fun!!! I had a cold so I didn't feel ambitious enough to dress up much this year. I threw on some extra black eye shadow, a Suicidal Tendencies shirt and called myself ready!