Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Am I Correct...

In thinking that it's perfectly acceptable to get really fat during the winter?

That's what animals do isn't it to get them through the cold so it must be the natural thing to do.

Taken with the mediocre hipstamatic app on my iPhone.

Hot chocolate and cream with a nice big slosh of Baileys - guilt free because I had to scrape ice off my car before work this morning so this is my reward.

p.s. Two of my nerdy friends started a biology blog - I am in no way science minded but I actually loved the firstnpost they did all the same. Show them some love over at Readers Dissect.


  1. Haha! I love this...mainly because I made myself an Irish coffee when I got in after dinner out with my family. Fatty? Me? Probably.

  2. I'm pretty sure its mandatory to put on a few pounds in the winter, unless you want to spend the entire winter cranky and cold. Thanks a LOT for this picture btw. Now I'm craving hot chocolate and I already ate a lemon and sugar crepe.

  3. It's perfectly acceptable. I had dinner at the Vincent yesterday and far too much wine. Which I decided was fine because I got up super early and it was really cold... woe is me. etc.

    I signed up to Joe's blog. Nerdy blogs are wonderful.

  4. Definitely acceptable! I'm trying to be better because it has recently come to my attention that it is only a year and a half till prom, and I want to look fantabulous for the last big event in high school :P

    Fate is against us! I passed just south of Manchester and Liverpool on the train, but we didn't actually spend any time there :(