Friday, 29 October 2010

Mac Magic

Why can't someone from Mac just come round and sort my hallowe'en costume out for me?

I LOVE hallowe'en but I've only had one day off in the past three weeks so I've hardly had any time to sort anything out... Stressss!!


I did actually try out this Roy Lichtenstein masterpiece just before and it went pretty wrong. I mixed some fake blood with foundation to get the colour for the dots so now my face is stained a bit pink. Super!

What is everyone going as this year?


  1. What a cool idea! Have fun! I'm not dressing up this year. I was so busy I totally lost track of time.

  2. Oh my god, that makeup is amazing. I would love to attempt this look, but I'm afraid my skin is so greasy that wearing face paint poses a bit of a challenge...

    Can't wait to post pictures from halloween. I had a dry run today at work where we had a costume contest, and I WON! A brand-new ipod! (Which I desperately needed). Soooo...suffice to say it's pretty badass. And I think I remember your Cruella De Ville costume from last year, right? Am I imagining that? I'm going to go look back in your archives now. You are being blog stalked.

  3. You and the comment above me has just inspired me to do a halloween post! Anyway, That makeup is so different, you could be sure you wouldn't find anyone with that idea which is great! For halloween I'm dressing up as a cat, original eh? Love your blog by the way

  4. That looks great. I don't know what I'm going to be yet. I may be Lady Gaga again.

  5. Wow, that is too amazing! I can't wait to see what you do decide to wear.

    I'm going in a boring costume pretending to be original and funny: I'll be dressing as a tourist. Big camera, jeans, hoodie if anyone in my family had one here, walking shoes, a bunch of maps in my pocket. The reason it's boring is that I am actually a tourist right now, and that's pretty much how I'm dressing everyday :P

    I hope you continue loving your new MacBook Pro, I have the 13 inch too and I just adore it.