Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Back in Business...


The insurance company finally got round to paying out for poor Geoffrey so I invested in this beautiful device which is yet to be named. Any ideas? Answers on a postcard.

Yaaay! It's good to be back. Obviously I'll be returning to my mega frequent posting.. i.e. every ten days or so haha :)


My mum and I are dead attractive.

Hope everyone is good and I'm looking forward to having a good catch up with all you lovely bloggers.


  1. Hurrah. :) As I said earlier, I am extremely jealous of the Macbook Pro.

  2. HURRAY (both to you being back and you getting a new computer)! Which model did you get?

    My MacBook Pro is called Puter, short for Rasputin, but I'm kinda weird when it comes to names. (I named my camera Carmen and my phone Elizabeth) Also, Puter seemed appropriate for mine because it's like a pet cat but without the fur or claws. Sorry that wasn't very helpful, but I'm not very good at naming things :P

  3. CONGRATS on your new baby. It's darling. I hope you DO resume your semi-regular posting. I've missed you terribly.

    And yes, Halloween preparations are almost complete. What are you going to be?

  4. Welcome back Honey!