Monday, 20 September 2010

It's a sad day...

My poor laptop was the victim of a burglary this weekend at my friend's house in Manchester. I had pretty much everything backed up which is good, but there will always be a lappy shaped hole in my heart for my beloved Geoffrey. We've been through a lot together - I couldn't have got through uni without him... *sob*.
Just upgraded him and everything...

Ha... To be honest, although I was very much attached it was a terrible piece of equipment. I'm hoping to replace him with something that has an apple on the back for real but need to find out whether I am actually covered by my Dad's insurance policy to begin with. Dirty thieving scum!


  1. we were burgled when i lived in leeds...its so frustrating but luckily i walked away unscathed

  2. Good luck with the insurance stuff, I hope you get the Mac you want! (We will take over the world! We will!)

  3. :(

    i got mugged last month in london not nice.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss...I've had a computer stolen before too. I always fantasized about what I'd do if I caught the fucker in the act--how I'd get everyone I know to collectively beat them up. Probably not a very constructive way of dealing with it, but it made me feel better anyway.

    RIP Geoffrey

    Only a British person would name their computer Geoffrey ;)

  5. Aw sad!! I'm very sorry for you and Geoffrey. Good luck getting the Apple!! I'm hoping I can get one too, especially now that I'm in college I need one really bad!
    You should definately post your mom's playsuit! I love them, I've been trying to make a mini collection of them in my closet :)
    My bike shorts are so handy - I actually have two more coming in the mail already! I got them because as a dedicated skirts and dresses wearer they're really helpful to wear with shorter lengths... especially when bending down! I would recomend them to almost everyone.

  6. Oh, that sucks! I need a new computer myself, pretty desperately. You have no idea what kind of dinosaur I'm working on.. lol.. Well, ok, it's not that bad, but it's pretty bad.

  7. Thats terrible I am so sorry that experience happened to you. I would be so devastated if that happened to my laptop.

  8. Aww man that sucks about the stolen laptop but hopefully this means you'll get a nice new shiny one!