Saturday, 15 January 2011

If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will.

So this is clearly my best attempt at being a real life Cruella - leopard print shirt and fur coat? Probably should have thought a bit more about that one.. but I quite enjoyed it all the same.

Did a spot of shopping today and bought a couple of things that are actually suitable for me to wear to work and vaguely interesting so I'll probably showcase them in the next week or so. I also got this cute little phone pouch from H&M that makes me feel rather tourist like.

I bought these AA Disco Pants AGES ago but don't wear them so much because they do make my legs look like tree trunks wrapped in tin foil, and even worse on photos, but never mind. The fur coat belonged to my Great Grandma - I've posted it on here before and recently I have been living in it because it's so bloody cold. I do love a bit of fur - I know it's bound to cause some controversy but there is nothing warmer and this coat has been around for about 70 years so they are completely made to last!


  1. I love the red pouch! The fur coat does indeed look warm. and no, your legs don't look like tree trunks lol

  2. Lovely red pouch!


  3. For serious I want to live in a long fur coat and I don't care who is offended. Conversely, I could just stop shaving for a few weeks and I'm pretty sure the effect would be similar.

  4. I really love your shirt! :)

    Also - wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog! Was so excited to see you had commented, have been reading yours for a long time! So was very happy to see you had visited mine! :) x

  5. The fur and leopard print looks fantastic, not Cruella at all!

  6. The Disco pants always look amazing, so shut up.

    Also, that phone pouch is lots of fun :D xx

  7. I LOVE the outfit!!