Monday, 20 December 2010

Unless it's mild and overcast, we can't cope. Normal service will resume in the spring.

As a country we are completely hopeless. It drives me insane. In the summer, we had highs of about 12 degrees - there was a hose pipe ban. Now it is winter and we've had just over a foot of snow and we've basically been told to stay indoors, curl up and hibernate. A ridiculous amount of roads are closed and even all of the trains are off now!

A colleague of mine went to the Trafford Centre on Friday night and whilst he was shopping the snow began to fall. When he left at 10.30pm he dug his car out, waited for 45 minutes in a queue in the car park and then drove home - a journey that ordinarily would take about half an hour lasted until 6am.

My car is completely buried and thanks to the lack of grit in my town it is likely to stay there meaning that I've missed the birthday celebrations of two of my best friends this weekend.

Anyway on a less miserable note despite it's inconvenience I do love the snow... and I also love this delightfully tacky Brussel Sprouts wrapping paper that cost around a quarter of a million pounds per sheet from UO and also defies my Mother's all gold theme.

I promise to use my actual camera next time and stop being massively lazy by just using phone pictures!


  1. You guys still aren't as bad as France. We got a few centimeters of snow, and school was canceled for 3 days!

    Love the wrapping paper, we almost bought some but couldn't figure out how to get it home :(

  2. Oh it looks so pretty but it's such an ineffable bastard.

    I've been stuck at home this week unable to get to work unless I walk for about 2 hours into town. I hope our Christmas Eve plans aren't dashed by this. Losing money is one thing, but not seeing everyone would be much, much worse.

  3. Gorgeous wrapping paper!


  4. When will I see you againnnn *sings*?
    But seriously?! Amazing wrapping paper!!

  5. love the last photo!

  6. Holy god, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel sorry for you. I think this can only mean one thing: you need to migrate to warmer climates for the winter...perhaps a quick trip to the West Coast of the US is in order? I will throw another beer-can burning party in your honor!