Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Aside from leaving my MacBook at my friend's house in Manchester (the same house that my last computer got stolen from.. oopsie) I've also been running round after this little pooch. My new BFF Henry.

FINALLY after twenty one years of begging my Dad to get a dog, he gave in! And now he actually pays more attention to the dog than anyone else in the household.

The man who once saw a dog poo by the side of the road, and because he was so disgusted couldn't concentrate and crashed his car into a lamp post is actually a changed man. My mum and I are convinced he's some sort of imposter. Today a package arrived addressed to Henry which contained a name tag from my dad... firstly we all live in the same house together so why posting it was necessary I'm not entirely sure and secondly it's quite depressing when the dog gets more mail than you do.


  1. HAAAAAAA. That is the best story ever about your dad, I can't believe you've never told us it before! Also, posting Henry is name tag is very cute, but then again completely unnecessary!
    Also, I like how the MxMJ headphones are on my UNREALISTIC wishlisht & you were genuinely going to be buy them =p. And lastly, check your facebook :) xxxxxxx

  2. What a darling addition to the family. Parent's dogs are the best--they pay for the vet and wake up early, you just get to be the fun "sister" who shows up sometimes for a tummy scratch. Your life is about to change forever.